September 12, 2005

The Four Year Anniversary of 9/11

So, today was time for church. Something I've been waiting on for about 8 months now!! I was SO excited to get back to 2Rivers. I had such a great time. Every time I go there, I get all jacked up and excited to be alive...and realize I need to be feeling like that every day - not just when I get to 2Rivers. Today, there was a great message...which followed fantastic music, as always. The message today was about seeing if your "signal" is strong with God. How often are we driving down the road talking to someone on the cell phone and all of the sudden, we lose signal and "poof" they're gone. Is that what our connection with the Lord is? What a very telling question. I can't explain it as well as Johnny O did, but it really tied in with the whole 9/11 Anniversary message. It also helped me to put back into perspective why our men and women are overseas fighting the war they're fighting. THANK YOU!!!

Dawn Williams and her twins (Ashleigh and Emily) came to church with us and I think they had a pretty good time. The girls are two years old now and the last time I saw them they were only six months old. They're so adorable. Again, I wish I had my camera at church.

Jodie, Krista, Chris, Marissa and I went to Seamus McDaniel's and had lunch together. It was a really good lunch - a little cold in there, though. We then went to the meat market to get some meat, cheese and crackers to go to the winery.
We then made our way to Sugar Creek Winery and met up with Jim, Kelly, Molly, Julia and Jason. There, we had a glass of wine, listened to the musician and people-watched for a few hours. It was all-in-all a fantastic day! The weather was perfect and I was with friends - how much better could that get!?
Tomorrow is a slow day. Everyone has to work and I don't. Guess I'll go running and do a little of nothing. Gotta love that! I think the only thing I have scheduled is lunch with Kyker. For the first time in four months, a day all to me...much deserved, if I do say so myself.


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I had a great time attending 2Rivers. Hope to attend again! Thanks for inviting us!