September 10, 2005

I made it to the Lou....

Well, I'm back in St. Louis. Home. I'm having a great time so far. It's my 2nd Anniversary with JD - and the 2nd we've spent apart. Last year was "my fault," as he so conveniently reminded this year it's "his fault." hee hee. I got into town last night and had such a fantastic night of sleep. It's so dark in this bedroom that I slept ten hours and had no idea it had been that long. I usually sleep about 4-5 hours a night, so 10 was a little crazy!

I went to see Jodie and Ernie this afternoon. Their house looks so good. We had tacos and talked about Ernie's new job. Food and conversation was great.

Then I headed on over to Paul's and Krista's. Their house is so unique! They're working so hard on it. I don't know how they work, go to school and have two children and a puppy, yet STILL have time to work on the house! Amazing! Krista said "ugh - it's a work in progress," but I assured her that no matter what, it always will be. Lexi and Mac are so big. They're growing up so fast. It was so fun to see them. It's been too long. Here are some great pictures of them.

I got to spend some time with Eric and Julia Pitts as well. It looks as though they might try to go to the winery with us on Sunday. That will be fun - I really like them. Here they are with Haley, the new puppy...and there is Paul with his braces.


Jennifer Sexton said...

Okay, so your not busy enough that you had to start a blog!?!

You are looking so skinny!!! How much have you lost? Good for you going out "jalking"

Keep it up! You look great! But, then, you always did!!


tinanorth said...

Hey there sweetheart. Glad to hear that you are back in town. We HAVE to get together. Jess said something about a bar-b-que??? Let us know, K?

Love you,