October 4, 2005

I'm not gone!

Okay, as if I have a huge audience who read my blog....but a couple of you are badgering me to get it started again. I knew it was going to be hard once I got back from St. Louis. So, I need to go to bed, but I felt the need to update at least one entry. I'll just summarize everything that has happened in the last week. I'm in the process of setting up a photo gallery (thanks Kyker) so as soon as I have it all loaded, I'll email that out to you and hopefully get this thing back up and running.

- Got home from St. Louis to a new first floor in the house - love it
- Tried moving things that were too heavy for me - not smart
- Rested up because I tried overdoing it - smart
- Had a girls' night out with a couple friends who got babysitters for their chilluns - made me realize I'm not young anymore, can't do the all-nighters
- Went to another Pampered Chef party and spent too much money - in hopes that JD will cook again when he gets home
- After a couple days of up-all-night prepping, starting teaching sales school again today - tired
- Broke my toe at 8:30 am and then had to stand on it and teach all day - woe is me, I know
- now at the apartment wondering what I'm going to teach tomorrow - just kidding, Kelly
- catching up with friends from high school because of all the talk about our ten-year reunion - I'm a reminiscing fool!

Well, that about sums everything up. I wish my life was more exciting right now, but I'm not even creative enough to make something up. I hope everyone is doing well and I went ahead and attached some random pictures for you.

Ooh - tried stretching which moved my broken toe. Ouch. Do you all feel sorry for me yet?


j.d. said...

I'll gladly cook...well, for a while until the novelty wears off...

j.d. said...

PS - gotta love the Westside!!!

And you look good baby!

Jess said...

Maybe if you stub another toe, that one will feel better...

jborg said...

oh...poor you...broken toes HURT!
good on you for updating your site. Love the pic of KDoug!
wow j.d., new kitchen AND new kitchen gear...that should increase the novelty time!

Anonymous said...

I broke my little toe while teaching one day.....ran into a student's desk.........wore houseshoes for weeks......it hurt soo much!!!. Made it back to regular shoes and ran into a table at home and broke the same toe again. Ouch that hurt!!!!!! Be careful that that doesn't happen to you!!!!!
Nice to see your blog......Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hope that doesn't happen too! I've made sure to keep my foot up in the air when I'm around the dogs!!