November 12, 2005

Getting Nervous

Is that weird that I'm getting nervous? JD could be home at any moment now and I'm just sitting around waiting....wondering...I got a call from him and he said he wouldn't be home until Monday or Tuesday, but I'm not sure how truthful he's being. We'll see. The house isn't even clean yet. I guess I should do that tomorrow, eh?

Think about this....18 months together and then 6 months different will it be? Kelly Douglas says I'm different than I was when he left. I wonder if he is as well? We shall see. This could be very interesting. However it turns out, I'm excited that it's so near. I need to make the best out of the next 2 weeks! I went grocery shopping today and got enough healthy food to last us until Thursday. JD needs to keep his cholesterol and blood pressure down, so I worked on a few recipes that will suit him just fine. Cooked a whole chicken tonight, wild rice and tomato and basil bruchetta ... mmmm yummy! Invited Roger over, since Kelly and Rob are gone.

Roger had to leave early, though...he's dog-sitting for a friend of mine, Amy and her house alarm is going off. Looks like the dogs must have gotten out of their kennel. I hope you're having fun in Florida, Amy. Don't worry - Roger's got everything under control.

I'll keep you posted on JD's timeline. Hope everyone is having a great Saturday night.

Tappy - sorry I didn't call you back...totally forgot (not that you're not important, I had the best of intentions...) but now it's time for bed! Love, ME

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