December 23, 2005

Blogger's Block

Okay, I'm back! Here's the deal, folks. I had taken notes while JD was home on R&R and had a long post planned for the description of our trip to New York. It was really really long and somehow I didn't save it. A couple of days later, I typed it all up again and tried to add pictures, but it was taking so darn long that I gave up again.

Time went on and I had the best of intentions, but it felt wrong to get on and talk about something else when I hadn't given the proper information about NY. What on earth was I thinking. Time went by, and more time...and then I just didn't know what to talk about. So, I'm back now and I realize that it doesn't really matter what I talk about. I realized that Kathi doesn't care if I just put a smiley face on here, it makes her day to check all the blogs and find SOMETHING on them. And Jess, I forgot how addicted you were to all the other blogs attached to mine.

So, Merry Christmas Jess and Kathi! I'm going to start writing again. As for NY, let's just say that we had a blast. That makes it easier for me. From that point until now, I've pretty much just been sick. So, now we're all caught up.

I'm in St. Louis today and I leave tomorrow morning. Short trip, but I wanted to get home to get some gifts out to family members and also see a couple of them. I'm addressing my Christmas cards right now. I know, I's the 23rd, but I made sure that the cards are Christmas and New Year related, so it looks like I didn't just forget. After I'm done doing the cards, I'll knit a little bit (finishing a couple gift scarves), go to lunch with Angela and then go to H&M for a little shopping. Tonight, Dude comes in town and we'll play games and drink egg nog and stuff.

Tomorrow, Carissa and her boyfriend come into town and we'll do a little gift exchange around 8am. Then, I'm off to the airport.

I will be able to see JD and Storm on a VTC on Christmas day, so I'm very excited about that. Kelly will also be able to see Rob, who is also in Afghanistan right now. We're looking forward to all of that.

Okay, so that's it for now. I wanted to get some info out there to let y'all know that I'm alive and well. I got to see Paul, Krista, McKenna, Lexi, Jodie and Ernie since I've been here. So, that's been nice.



Jessi said...

Good to hear, but I can't believe you're leaving tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it stinks that I couldn't stay to hang out with the fam at your parents' house. I'm bummed. I hope y'all are having a great time, though!

Miss you and love you!

Kathi Tugman said...

Oh my goodness... I just don't know what to say? I'm just so happy that you're back and blogging again. I'm sorry, I have to go... I'm a little too emotional to type right now! ;)