December 26, 2005

Christmas Cards

Wow - I got a lot of Christmas cards and many of them with pictures of the families from which they came. How stinkin' adorable is everyone. The Martins have everyone in Christmas red with Santa hats and they, of course are beautiful. The Tugmans are all nustled closely with their matching outfits on. Kathi and the kids look SO happy! The Davies' sent one of their "little boy" Noah, who is growing so fast, I feel like I don't even know him! Oh yeah, that's right - I only met him when he was six months old - where have I been! And the Zuccheros - HELLO! They sent a picture of their little boy, Vito Joseph and he is a heartbreaker - probably 1 1/2 - 2 years old (I should know that) and I haven't EVER met him! This should be telling me something - I need to get back to STL a little more often. Then, I get a card from one of my best friends in high school and she has three little girls; McKenna, Olivia and Emma. They are huge! Like 2-6 years old. Where on EARTH have I been! First off, I haven't seen Angelita (my high school friend) since she got married in like 1997, and I'm SO far behind the kid train. My dad would be happy if that was different, but it's kind of hard with JD thousands of miles away!

So, I am just in awe this morning after opening up all the beautiful Christmas cards I've received. Thank you to everyone. I feel loved. Of course my Christmas cards didn't go out until last week and I still have a couple sitting here unaddressed, because I'm missing some. But, you'll get them in "Rachel Time." Always late, my Dad says. I don't want to start being on time now - then you'll expect it from me!

Well, I'm off to go shopping for Baby Shower stuff. Why am I braving the crowds in the stores the day after Christmas? I don't know - glutten for punishment, I suppose. Wish me luck. The real reason I'm so motivated is to get my Banjo to the music shop to see if they have a case, fingerpicks (that's how you spell it) and maybe get it restrung. :-)

Have a great day, everyone!

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Kathi Tugman said...

Well I think that the Christmas card that I received a few days late from you was great! My mom loved it too! She's from New York so the back drop was especially meaningful to her!

Love ya!