February 7, 2006

Random Thoughts...

... I missed 24 tonight. Bummed about that - now I have to wait and watch it on TiVo
... got to talk to JD for a while tonight - that was nice. I miss him...only about a month left, though!
... I work too much. It's 1:15 and I'm just wrapping up my work for the night. This sucks.
... tomorrow is going to be a hectic day - won't talk details, but please pray for me! :-)
... I miss Jess Borg
... I miss Leeza Blevins
... I miss Chris Keppel
... I think I'm going to work through my birthday and miss that too
... I can't stop coughing
... There has been ONE week in the last ten months that I haven't been sick - that's a problem.
... I'm trying to have a good attitude tonight, but it's not working, so I'll stop talking.
... oh, and I was wearing a wig on Saturday night.
... I appreciate friends
... okay, so I'm not stopping my random thoughts...but I'm trying to get back to positive things.
... I love being the State Training Coordinator
... I appreciate Mara, LeeAnn and Kelly...throwing me a party on Saturday - great friends
... I am thinking about Amy and Charles - they're having a baby soon
... I want to be Barbie.
... I can't wait to see JD again

okay, that's it.

Love, ME

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Chris said...

I really miss you too!

Piece of Cake!