March 2, 2006

My Thoughts on American Idol

So, I think I'm really emotional tonight. I've never felt so many emotions during American Idol. Here are my thoughts on the whole thing....

First off, it's TOTALLY a guy year. The girls are sucking in comparison to the guys! I'm not even going to bother commenting on the girls, because I really didn't see it last night, just the last two or three girls. But, I'm totally into tonight. I'm no expert (obviously) but here are my opinions on each of the guys:

Taylor Hicks - I love his attitude, his voice and all the odd moves he makes when he sings. He hits every note very well, works the crowd and really loves his craft. I just love him. He's so different. He sang "Easy Like Sunday Morning" and it was good, but that song is just so darn slow. It seems like, if you're going to sing a slow song on this show, it better be a real power ballad. Otherwise, jazz it up and rock out.

Elliot Yamin - how sad that his mother got so sick right before the start of Hollywood. This kid has got some pipes. I wish he had braces. I just like to look at everyone's mouth while they sing; and I can't get past that. The song he sang I don't think I had ever heard, but he freakin' rocked! His voice is so awesome! He has great range, timing, tone, etc. Just love it! And his mother is so proud of him. I can't WAIT to have kids when I see how the mothers and fathers react to their children. How awesome will that be! So, Elliot is awesome! He's going to go far, no matter what happens on American Idol.

Ace Young (Beanie Boy) - Yes, Kelly, he is pretty hot. His teeth are beautiful - we've obviously established that teeth are something I pick on. I just can't stop thinking that he's gay. Kelly said she doesn't care, bothers me. And, he was totally off tonight. He has a good voice - great rolls; but tonight he had some problem with pitch and control. Oh well - sometimes it's not our night.

Gedeon McKinney - Enough slow songs, already. He is good. He has a great solid voice and he is super talented, but I just didn't like the song tonight. The judges did, though. Sometimes when I don't know the song, I'm bored. So, he's good, but I was just bored. And I hate the way Paula claps, for real. What is wrong with her?

Kevin Covais (Gangsta Sex Symbol) - he is just too freakin' adorable! This is probably the biggest confidence booster he's ever had. He said he thinks he's a sex symbol now and winked...I could NOT stop laughing. He has a stinkin' AWESOME voice, but he can't dance. Good thing is...he sang "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" and didn't TRY to dance. If he would have tried, that could have ruined it. I can't stop loving him, though. He's like the little four-year-old nerdy kid with a lot of talent. When he's out of high school, he'll probably grow taller, fill out and really be a hit with the ladies. I just can't stand it how cute he is! I can only smile!! And Chicken Little - oh my GOSH! That is awesome!

Sway - how sweet that the best thing about this show for him was that his mom and dad were together for the first time in a long time in the audience. That's about when I started crying for him (well, just a lil bit)....then I really cried at the end when Simon wasn't really nice to him. The song wasn't a good choice, really. He has a great voice. I mean, last week, he did the entire song in falsetto (is that spelled right?). How talented is that? He is really good, but should have picked a different song. It's so hard for me to watch Simon rip people apart. I feel that typically Simon is right and it's good that he says what he says, but I would totally be crying on the stage hearing what he had to say. BUT, I guarantee that Sway will kick BUTT next week, if he stays...because he will listen to what Simon says. Simon is totally right when he says that they have to "BRING IT" now! They really do.

Will Makar - He is TOTALLY Fred Savage. I really loved his "Lady" song by Kenny Rogers. His voice is really good - I got the chills. The judges obviously didn't think he did that well. Paula says that he played it safe. She's such a doofus. I don't even like listening to her. I like to TiVo this show just to fast forward through her crap. So, I liked him...he's really good and funny. I'm just always afraid he's going to go through puberty on the show and crack his voice. That would make me sad for him. He got a standing ovation - not sure if the other guys did too or not, but... Do you notice that when Randy is about to say something not so nice, he starts out with "what's up, Dude? How you doin'? Chilling? Just Chilling?" Then he puts them down a little.

Bucky - with those teeth, the name fits so well. He really needs to try to change his name. And the mustache - for REAL - get rid of that!!! Ugh! Okay, enough rudeness. He's a really nice guy, at least he seems like it. He's down-home country. He's singing Garth Brooks right now....he's doing really good. I like his voice, I just don't like looking at him. He looks constipated a little...but still good. He tries to rock out when he doesn't need to. As I'm typing this, I'm thinking "Rachel, you have no idea what you're talking about, why are you even commenting?" Then I remember that this is my blog an I can do whatever I want. :-) I love this game. Okay, he's done - let's see what the judges think. Awww....he's happy with his performance. It tugs on my heartstrings when they're so happy with themselves....not cocky at all. Ugh - Paula - shut up!!

David Radford - Nice dimples. He's crooning - imagine that. I remember that he's already done this song...."The Way You Look Tonight." He's good. He should be in a jazz bar in Vegas or something. I don't see him as the American Idol at all. As a matter of fact, I think he's gone this week. Sweet, but not enough of us will vote for him. Randy was bored, Paul still gets on my nerves, and Simon is right - he needs charisma and confidence.

Ooh, Ooh, my favorite ... Chris Daughtry - ooh, he's going to sing Fuel. Yippee! He has hair like JD. Yummy. I love that he's married and has two children. He has nice teeth and dimples too! :-) Uncross your arms, Chris! There you - his voice rocks. Everyone is very engaged in his performance. He's so passionate, he sounds great, he has the audience involved. Wow - he's nervous, but he's still rocking out! The poor camera guy doesn't know how to follow him - he's moving too much. They need a new camera guy. I love Chris Daughtry's voice. Let's see what the judges think. Paul stood up for him. I still can't stand her. Randy - loved it. Paula - is annoying. Simon - he loved it too..."it was in a different class," he said. And then Chris just jumped around like a monkey. That was funny! He freakin' rocks. I'm voting for him right now. JD, start learning that song..I don't know the name, but learn it!!!

So, those are my thoughts. I guarantee that nobody read this whole thing, but I don't care. Again, it's MY BLOG! I might be the only one reading it, but I'm having fun with it!!!


jborg said...

I agree, it's a guy year. LOVE Chris and Elliot. I closed my eyes when Elliot sang, and he just has such a beautiful voice.
Don't care for Gideon. Taylor Hicks reminds me of Joe Cocker. in a good him!
I think that you should do this for the girls, too. There are two that i love. Kelly Pickler, and then the big girl that Simon was so awful to. Love her voice, and her attitude. She is a star. I picture her singing at the Hollywood Bowl. i am surprised by Ayla, love the name, and really do like her. Did you read those Earth's Childrens (Clan of the Cave Bear) books? I guess she is named after that Ayla.
Loved Ace singing Father Figure last week...this weeks song bored me though, and i turned the channel. I turned the channel on everyone except Elliot, actually. He is my hands down fave. well, him and Chris.
I have to say, girl-wise, i liked Stevie's voice, was sad she was voted off. I wanted to see what kind of range she had. just picked awful songs.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know...I did read the whole thing but to tired to comment on everything....My two cents though. Chris and Elliot will be the last two standing. LOVE them both. Like to look at Chris even more. Really enjoy Elliot when my eyes are closed. How mean is that? Oh well. And chicken a sex symbol what? Oh but he is too cute. Taylor Hicks..I really enjoy him too but what's up with all the whoas! He needs to take it down a notch.. Great attitude though. The rest well not worth commenting on. But I will say I was sad to see Sway go tonight. I really think he was good and other should have gone. I guess I can't complain though....I didn't vote. Until next time....


jborg said...

Even tho i do not care for Sway all that much, i was sad to see him go. I know it is corny, but i feel so bad for them when they get voted off.
Chris...yeah, he is DELISH! His wife must be LOVING this!!