April 5, 2006

Poultry Production and Very Busy

Okay, so I'm in the middle of my sales school this week so I haven't watched 24 or American Idol. So, don't give it away. I won't be able to watch any of that until Thursday.

Jess - I got your email about naming your purses and I would do a contest here on my blog, but nobody would participate, cuz that's just how my blog works. So, I'll think about it on my trip home from Greensboro.

Dad, Andrea, Mindy and Katie, I can't believe that you all are my silent stalkers.

Lee Ann - I miss you and I saw that you called yesterday during my class. I'll call you on the way home.

I like this...using my blog to get out all the information I would send out on emails. Sweet!

Peace Out.


jborg said...

Did you watch GG last night? My aunt and MIL were over, and i FORGOT it was on!! having a life can be soooo taxing.
And it was a "fresh" one, too. :o(

Mindy said...

Without giving anything away, I have 2 predictions of my own... 1. I predict that Paula wants to get into Ace's pants. She was giving him some serious "Do Me" eyes last night!! (Did anyone else notice that?) And 2. Ace is GAY. Here's why... he is too "pretty" and he sang "Father Figure"... need I saymore?!

Anonymous said...

Mindy - how are you doing? I know Jim left. We need to all get together and hang out. We miss you!!!!

(I agree with the Ace comment too!) Go Chris Daughtery!!!!


Mindy said...

Doing good Kel. Missed you at the meeting on Thurs. Just couldn't say no huh?! :) They are trying to talk me in to Fundraising Treasurer...

We definitely need to get together!