May 17, 2006

Just a quick post

I am getting ready to go to St. Thomas for work (hard life, I know) so I am going to keep this short.

American Idol - I think Elliott is a goner, personally. The judges did pick the best songs, you were right, Storm. I loved Katharine's Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Although, I did like Taylor's song You're So Beautiful, but he messed up a couple of times, so I was pretty surprised when Simon said it was his best performance ever - looks like the judges want Katharine and Taylor to stay as well.

Today - I have an appointment today and I have no idea what I'm going to do. I think it's a new mom class or something. I'm sure I'll keep you posted on that.

Weight: up another 1.5 lbs, but I think it has something to do with eating breakfast. We'll see. :-) You know what I'm talking about.
Feeling: Great - ready to hear the heartbeat - maybe I can talk someone in to doing that today? Other than that, my body is getting pudgy in areas I didn't know you could get pudgy. Oh well - it's all for a great cause! I'll take it!

Peace out - time to pack. If I'm not back online (which I am sure I will be, because I can't do without it for long) I'll think about y'all when I'm in St. Thomas with my girl, Kelly! PEACE OUT!

Update on JD: He took his final for A&P last night. He got it done pretty quickly, so his proctor and I were a little confused, but it's all good. He feels good about it. It's being overnighted today, so hopefully we'll hear about it in the next couple weeks. I'll be praying for that one, definitely! Also, today is PWAC (is that right?) for him at Jump Master School. All I know is that this is their trial run as a Jump Master and they will be jumping out of the aircraft right after that. So, I told him to keep his feet and knees together.... he can't take another concussion!! (is that the right spelling?)

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