May 22, 2006

The rest of the St. Thomas story

So, we're back. We had a great time just relaxing. And, I do mean relaxing. We were in our room and asleep by about 9pm every night we were there. Now THAT was nice! It was truly a vacation. We did a lot of eating, a TON of walking, some snorkeling, swimming with the turtles, and a little shopping too. Click HERE to see all the pictures.

Weight: still only 4 pounds up. I think with all the walking we did over the last five days, I wasn't able to gain anymore weight - which is NOT a bad thing!
Feeling: fantastic - aside from the WEIRD dreams (nightmares) I've been having. Dang, these hormones really wreak havoc on your body, don't they? I'm glad I've been reading a bunch of books, so I know that these nightmare things are normal. By the way, I've read "The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy" and "Belly Laughs." They have both been extremely entertaining and interesting as well.

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