June 30, 2006

Palmer's Cocoa Butter

I've been told by a number of people to start using Palmer's Cocoa Butter for stretch marks. Okay, I'm using it, but it STINKS!! Maybe it wouldn't stink to me, if I weren't pregnant, but then again, I wouldn't be using it if I wasn't. So - does anyone have any recommendations of another cocoa butter that does the trick, but doesn't smell so nasty? ICK!!


Anonymous said...

I used the Palmers specifically for stretch marks.. did you try that one?


Keppel said...

Jennifer says to try baby oil.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not you get stretch marks probably has more to do with your skin type (genetics) and how much weight you gain in your mid-section. I used that cocoa butter stuff and still got stretch marks with both of my pregnancies. Some people's skin is just more elastic than others, unfortunately. Good luck with the lotion though!