August 1, 2006

Playing Catch-Up

I'm totally bullet-pointing this entry, because everything is random.

** Okay, yes, it has been a while since I've updated. However, I totally have an excuse. I have been in the classroom like CRAZY lately. The last three weeks, I've taught for 40-50 hours each week. Not just working... teaching, on my feet...feeling sorry for me yet? My new thing to say is that I've "been on location." I think that just sounds so much more - um, important. So, that's what I've been doing.

** I'm very dizzy today. Not DITZY, Dad. DIZZY. I don't know what is going on. This baby is taking all the heat from my body. It's 100 degrees outside and I'm cold, and dizzy. Oh well - it's a good thing I'm not "on location" today. I get to walk around the house falling over.

** I just found out that I have another secret stalker reader. So, I'd like to give a shout out to Sharon (and all my other SSRs). I haven't seen you in forever, Sharon - hope you are doing well. You do know that I had to have a baby just because of Amy! Thanks a lot!

** Dipstick Update: So, I'm 17 weeks along now. It will be 18 tomorrow. Wow, time is totally flying! And just the other night, I felt a flutter. The only reason I knew that it was the baby is because it was something totally different than I've ever felt before and I read it in a book. :-) It's kind of a mix between a quick cramp and a minor gas pain. It's really cool. I'll probably tell the doctor and he'll be like - "girl - it's seriously just a cramp and a gas pain." But until then, I'll just believe it's the baby. It happens every day now at about 4pm a couple of times. It's cool. Either way, I just can't wait until I can sit there and watch my tummy move because the baby is stretching out. I probably won't like it when it's feet are in my ribs, but...oh well.

** Lastly... JD and I have been discussing the nursery. We were going to do Curious George, then just primary colors, then....well, we went through the list of options, but never really settled on anything. UNTIL, Ernie (JD's Dad) gave us a picture. Years ago, Ernie was an Art Teacher and one of his students did a painting on canvas for him. It's of JD and Paul (JD's older brother). Anyway, he sent it with Paul to our house and we absolutely love it. So, that is going to be the start of our nursery. Does anyone have ANY ideas as to how we can use it and build off of it? I'm willing to paint the nursery, add stripes, etc. Do whatever! I'm now happy that we have something to go on...and something to means something to JD. By the way - it's 3 ft x 3 1/2 ft.

Here is the picture...


AliciaDawn said...

Girl, that's no's the baby fo sho. We want to feel it so bad but not sure if it is. I'm telling you it is him/her kicking!!! In about 3 weeks you will be like OH yeah that's for sure a kick!

I can see my belly moving and it doesn't hurt but man is it weird to watch! I like to set the remote on my belly and watch it rock back and forth. I will miss that.

And you're right it is flying by, weren't you just 9 weeks??? Are you still not going to find out what it is? You're at that point where you could right now, you know!! You have patience girl, I wouldn't be able to wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting painting. Good luck trying to decorate with that. I have no good ideas. Sorry!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you verified it, Alicia! How exciting! And yes, time is flying. Soon you'll be in the hospital! And no, we're still not going to find out. Next ultrasound - August 25th.

Anonymous said...

So, you like the picture, huh, Kel?

Anonymous said...

Is that JD still hitting the bottle?

Anonymous said...

He was drinking way back then, huh?

Kathi Tugman said...

Okay, so where's Storm? Seriously Storm, I would be alittle pissed off that you're not included. So, I think that there should be some really cool photos of you put into that room. Maybe on the mobile, we can just paste your picture on all the teddy bears!

As for my suggestion for the room... if it's a boy you can decorate it w/lots of little boy stuff, ie. baseball bat/glove/ball, bugs, fishing poles, and stuff like that.

If it's a girl... well, I don't know how to incorporate that picture into it. That's a tough one.

Good luck! I'll see you tonite!

Rebecca said...

For those of you who havent had a chance to see the painting in real life, it's so cool!! Boy or girl - it will look great. I would limit the other decorations in the room and go with your idea of stripes or some other shape / stars etc.

Also Rach - you did look much more pregnant on Sunday and it looks great on you!!

stormhuse said...

For the record, the 'anonymous' comment was Brad North, not me. Don't get me wrong, I wish I would have thought of it first, but I didn't.

Anonymous said...

So much for anonymity!!

tinanorth said...

Rachel I just saw a nursery done the other day on one of those decorating shows that did a park on all four walls. One just lead into the other. One side was kids playing baseball, the other was a pond with ducks and one was a swingset with kids on it. It was really cool. That way you could incorporate girls into the decorations if she happens to be a she. Can you tell I want a little girl? Don't get me wrong LOVE little boys but after four I am ready for the female type. That is just my opinion. Hope little Huse is what your heart desires. By the way. I love the painting.

Leah found out she is due on your birthday.

Love and miss you. Enjoy those flutters. That is what I was trying to explain to you before.