October 15, 2006

Someone knows the sex of the baby!

Okay, so we had the ultrasound on Friday. Here's how it went down.

We get into the radiology room and the tech asks the same question they always ask, "do you already know the sex of the baby?"

I say, what I always say "I don't want to know, but he does...." expecting the same answer out of the guy that we usually get; which is - too bad, Dad. :-)

BUT, this tech says "come here, Dad." So, seriously - without a step, JD teleports himself to the other side of the room and is immediately behind the tech looking at me with puppy dog eyes, "can I?"

So, I say "sure, but you can't tell me....OR anyone else. If you can keep this a secret for two months, I'll be very proud."

So, in a split second, the tech finds the toilet-bowl view and types on the screen what the sex is, erases it and now JD knows. There are rules - he must tell NOBODY. If he does, then he has to tell me...and he knows that I REALLY don't want to know. After that, I felt really badly because I felt like I was taking away that "It's a _____" moment from him at the hospital. But, he'll still get that if he keeps quiet. And, I get to experience EVERYTHING in this pregnancy; all the moves, gurgles, hiccups, etc. He gets to watch from the sidelines. So, this is something that is ALL HIS. He has done really well. I know, it's only been a day...but... He has to continue to call the baby either "it" or "he," as that's what he's done the last 8 months. That way, no matter what, I don't get suspicious.

There you have it - JD knows and I don't. Are we the most odd couple or what!?

Okay - baby is 3 lbs. and is 44% on growth chart, which is great. All its organs look fantastic, bones, tissues, etc. It was neat to see that just 6-8 weeks ago, we had another ultrasound and it looked like skeletor. In just that small amount of time, the baby has now taken on a BABY form! It has fat! We got a GREAT profile of the face? Wanna see?



Due date is now December 25th, folks - if you need to make additional guesses on the baby pool, now is your chance.

Also - new date for baby shower - November 18th. I'm sure all will be getting your invitations soon.


Anonymous said...

Dios mio, I see no sombrero!


stormhuse said...

Rachel, I'm sorry, but two people know.

JD and Dipstick.

dancingkami said...

I'm betting it's a girl. Can't wait!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for posting the ulstrasounds. That is so amazing - you and baby are in our prayers. Still thinking about coming to Chapel Hill with me on Sunday early morning?

Anonymous said...

I'm betting a girl too, Kami.

Rebecca - thank you! As for Sunday - absolutely - if you still want company?

Rebecca said...

HECK YA, I would LOVE IT! Road trip at 4am!!!

Anonymous said...

SO CUTE!!!!!


Anonymous said...

AMAZING ultrasounds Rachel -thanks for sharing. A Christmas due date -- how cool! Julie

jodie said...

Oh, I can't wait. This is so very exciting!!!!!!! Looks bald to me. It must be a boy. jk

Rachel Bedsworth said...

Skeletor Dipstick huh? Very funny! Tell JD keep up the good work with keeping the secret! I surely could NOT have kept that secret! I would have been itching to let it out! By the way, apparantly everyone except me has one of these neat-o bloggy sites!