April 1, 2007

Happy Season Opener!

Happy Season Opener, Cardinals!

Here are my two "boys" today - dressed up in their Cards gear. Um yeah, I have a girl...but everyone thought she was a boy at Wal-Mart today, because of her red and blue outfit. But, we loooooove the little onesie and had to put her in it. Headbands pop off her head like a potato out of a potato gun and I'm not gluing a bow to her noggin. So, for today, she was a boy. :-) Who cares, really.


Jo/Mom said...

oh, so precious......look at that belly....looks like she takes after her Padre. haha.
Bows put on with cornsyrup stay on and wash off well.....but she is a cutie anyway. I miss you guys. Are you coming next week??? I do get you every other week, right?????
Love ya, Jo/Mom

stormhuse said...

Good to see a pic with JD back together with Lorelai... when do we get a current family pic?

No comments from last night's idol? I'm finally back on the bandwagon and was prepared to read all about how much that one dude sucks...

Rebecca said...

She has gotten so big in the last 4 weeks. WOW. Such a sweetheart. I am looking forward to seeing you, maybe at church this week? My parents will be there too, yay!