April 7, 2007

Who Would've Thunk It

Swaddling...it's the art of snuggly wrapping your baby in a blanket for warmth and security. It can keep her from being disturbed by her own startle reflex too. Most importantly, it will serve to calm your baby.

In my Dad's dictionary it says: a way to torture your baby by tieing down her arms until she's screaming bloody murder.

Either way, we have been swaddling Lorelai at bedtime every night since she was born. The experts say to swaddle them at least for three months. I tried to put her to bed unswaddled once at Dad's last month and she was up every hour on the hour crying. So, I put that to rest.

Just last night, for some reason, after I swaddled Lorelai she seemed to tell me in her little grunty cry that she had grown out of swaddling. I was afraid to do it, but I put her in a 0-9 month sleeper/bag (which, by the way, is almost too small) and put her to bed. I figured that we'd be up a lot last night. Surprisingly enough, she slept from 9pm until 8am with one wake-up call at 3:30am. That was nice! AND, she woke up all nice and cooing rather than grunting and squealing trying to get out of her swaddle.

So, I'll remember for the next baby that three months is probably good...not three months and two weeks. My baby is growing up...all moving to a sleeper bag and stuff. Ugh! :-) At least it makes bedtime much easier.


Anonymous said...

All bound prisoners sleep better when freed.

Anonymous said...

Funny. That's what my Dad says. :-P

KDoug said...

We need an update on this post since last night she seemed to want her swaddle :) How did the rest of the night go?

Happy Easter!!!

stormhuse said...

The next baby?? Are you pulling a Finnegan?

Finnegan is just like a mulligan but is a 'do over' with a kid. Or it's when you end up having two kids within a year...

Jo/Mom said...

oh, I seem to remember a message on your birth announcement........what do you mean by another baby???????
Oh, I hope so!!!!