May 7, 2007

Oh goodness, she's so big!

Just a couple updates. JD's parents are in town - they stopped by on their way to a business meeting. It's been really nice to have some extra sets of hands around. I have been cooking every day since I started Weight Watchers, so it was really nice to have someone watching Lorelai while I cooked in peace and quiet. Never thought I would have wanted peace and quiet anytime, but I appreciate it now.

Lorelai HAS to be teething. She's drooling like a champ and pulling on her ear a lot. She's not crabby (knock on wood) so she's dealing with everything very well.

SHE ROLLED OVER! Yep, Jodie and I saw it first and she's only done it like three times since, but she rolled over from front to back first and then back to tummy. Yay Lorelai! You so big!

She also is going through a growth spurt. She's been sleeping and eating a lot more than normal. (Normal being a lot anyway!) I can't believe she's going to shoot up and out again. She's already wearing 12 month clothing. She's only 4 months, by the way.

Speaking of a growth spurt, say ciao to the infant car seat which says it holds a baby 22 pounds or 1 year. Well, she is neither, but she's almost 30 inches long and there is no more room for her. We have to nearly fold her to get her to fit under the restraints. So, we bought a convertible seat today. It's freakin' huge! Now I have to either put her in a stroller when I take her out of the car or hold her. She's not strong enough to sit in the little basket of a cart, so sling or bjorn it is.

We better have 10 kids to get use of that stinkin' carseat we used for four months. Did I just say that? Someone smack me, please.


Joanne and Deric said...

Just copied your ticker... love your work keep it coming. You find all this cool stuff and make me look so good!!!!
Cant belive about your little giant. Wow out of the car seat... that is crazy.
Well done with the weight loss. I guess I have got to start sometime soon too!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just stick her in the glove box?