July 23, 2007

Seriously, can we keep our children in bubbles?

So, today is our last day in St. Louis. As much as I'd love to talk about all the fun we've had the past two weeks not working and just traveling, I'm stealing bandwidth from someone in our neighborhood, so this connection is slow. I'd like to share the stories with pictures, but that would take too long.

Instead, lets talk about our kids. Seriously? Can we please keep our children in bubbles? Things would be so much easier. We leave today in four hours and Lorelai came down with her first sickness. In my professional opinion, she has a cold. Why? You ask. Because she is sneezing and has a runny/stuffy nose. I know, I know...it was a pretty tough diagnosis.

But, why bubbles? Well, my friend Alicia's son, Greyson, has Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, which he picked up from daycare. It's not a particularly dangerous problem, but it's highly contagious. And, Lorelai and Greyson had a playdate the day before he was diagnosed. I feel sooooo badly for poor Greyson. Babies shouldn't have to go through pain and suffering like that. I'm sure he's been pretty darn happy, still, though. He's a great little boy!

If Greyson was in a bubble, he would have been spared.

So, not only is Lorelai in possible "danger," everyone she's come in contact with in the last two days is too....not to mention anyone from here on out.

This should be an interesting trip down to San Antonio. Over two days, we'll be in the car for nearly 17 hours. Oh fun.

Please pray for all the children. Because, I believe that children are our future. Teach them well....WHAT!? Just seeing if you're paying attention.

No, but seriously...any prayers would be greatly appreciated!

I'll get back with y'all as soon as we are in San Antonio. We should be there by Wednesday night.



Anna Childress said...

Hope Lai is better soon! Hope no one else gets it too, Mommy and Daddy! You know, moving with a baby can't be too easy; there ALWAYS has to be something else!

Rebecca said...

I will be praying for Lorelai! At least HFMD is not as contagious for adults - much more uncommon for you or JD to contract it. I was around a HFMD child in the nursery and never got it (didn't know until after the fact of course). Safe travels to TX!

Storm said...

I thought I had Hand Food and Mouth Disease once, but it turned out just to be Beer in Hand to Mouth Disease... sounds bad, but it's much better than Smelly Hand Scratching Butt Disease.

Anonymous said...

Rachel - just said a prayer for you three. I hope Lorelai gets to feeling better and is a good lil' traveler for you as well. Jonah likes to scream in his car seat - hates being confined! I thought babies were supposed to like their car seat. God Speed! Julie Z.

Kallie and Mike said...

I hope that by the time you read this that Lorelai is all better! Know that I'm praying for you guys as you are on your new adventure!