July 25, 2007

Welcome to San Antonio!!!

So, after spending last night watching crickets (read: rodents) tonight we are watching our plasma tv. No, not in our house. We changed hotels. Thank GOD! It was sooooo worth it. We're closer to our house and I have a feeling tonight it will feel like we are actually sleeping indoors!

Get this - I called Holiday Inn HQ because of the cricket infestation and this is how it went down:

ME - "Nobody told us our room was flooded with crickets. I want either a refund or our room discounted at the new hotel"

Dumb Holiday Inn guy - "well, crickets are natural - I don't feel the credit is warranted. I don't think hotel B should have to cut their rates for you"

ME - expecting him to be nice and immediately accommodating "Natural? A flood is natural and so are mice. Would you expect me to be okay with those too? I'm sorry that you FEEL it's not warranted, but I'll either get the answer I want from you or someone else."

...blah blah blah...more back and forth banter

DHIG - "Let me talk to my colleagues to see what we can do."

ME - "Good, you do that."

DHIG - "All right, we'll give you the same rate you're getting at hotel A for hotel B"

ME - in the snottiest voice ever "Thank you and I would suggest that maybe your hotels warn the guests before this happens again."

DHIG - hangs up - as if I caused him any harm tonight. Seriously.

The plasma tv hotel is $40 more a night than the cricket motel. So, with a little flipping of the switch, we're all set. It's so much more peaceful and I don't mind walking around the room barefoot.

I got to see the house and yes, JD did a great job. I can't wait to get our stuff in the house and start living. Heck, we only have a year. So, we'd better get moving so I can get started on my tan and get to all the excursions I have planned!!!

Oddly enough, tonight, some of JD's family was in San Antonio for a music conference something-or-other. We got to go to dinner with them. All I knew is that we were in downtown San Antonio and when we turned the corner to go to the hostess deck, BOOM, we were on the Riverwalk!! Just like that. The only thing that would have made the moment more perfect was if the mariachi band was following us around. So, my first experience with the Mexican food down here...I'm not real sure it was "authentic," but it was good, nonetheless!!! It was good to see you all tonight!!! Freddie and Anka - great to meet you!

I think I'm going to like San Antonio a lot. There are so many places to walk and visit. The Alamo is smack in the middle of downtown (not what I had expected). Don't laugh at me...I obviously am not up on my history. The town is so rich in history, this should be a blast!

One more thing...when you see the news about San Antonio flooding, they're not kidding! There are electronic road signs that read "If the road is flooded, turn around, don't drown." Seriously. I'll snap a picture next time I see it.

So, I guess our new adventure has officially begun. We get our household goods tomorrow and things should move along fairly quickly. I'll keep y'all updated. Keep reading and for crying out loud you Secret Stalker Readers - start commenting! :-)

Here is a quick shot of Lorelai's thighs...this is the HFMD at work. It doesn't look as bad as it does in person. She's just been the easiest, though. If only she would be like this any time she gets sick as a child, that would be nice!


Rebecca said...

HOLY CRAP, SKINNY MINI!!!! You look so tiny in that picture, especially in your face!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Secret Stalker who lives in Texas. I've lived here for 3 years and will never get used to the crickets-yuck. Good luck in your new home, Texas is like a whole other country! The people are nice but it will take some getting used to. I'm glad Lorelai isn't having too much trouble with the HFMD!


AliciaDawn said...

Fist of all POOR LORELAI! I am so sorry you ended up catching it from lip locking with Greyson! SO sorry!

Anonymous said...

I'm a SSR too,and have very much enjoyed reading your blog!!Congrats on your incredible weight loss. Being a WW member, I know its not easy.

Sorry to hear about Lorelai's HFMD. Just know that we'll all be praying for her!!

Hope the crickets subside!!

Jesstern said...

Hey Rachel,
I'm so glad Lorelai is doing ok through the HFMD. It went through our church about a month ago, and my bro-in-law's doc said it was going around St. Louis. Good times, huh? My kids manages to not get it, but picked up some other virus during that time. Ahhh, childhood!

Sounds like life in Texas is going to be fun for the short time you're there. As usual, I enjoy your stories! :)