August 30, 2007

Happy Monthday, Lorelai!

Yep, once again, we have another day of celebration. Today is Lorelai's 8th Monthday! She spent all day in her pjs and played until she was all tuckered out. Okay, so it's just like every other day. So what!

Raise your hand if you're 8 months old!Wow, what a tough day!
And welcome, baby Christian Michael Thorpe. He was born on August 27th to Rebecca and Steve Thorpe. To check out the whole story and all the pictures, click HERE. He's a beautiful baby and he is so blessed to have Rebecca and Steve for parents!


Rebecca said...

Now how could anyone think that Lorelai is a little boy? She looks like such a little girl in those pictures - what a princess. I love the "tuckered" out picture, she's a little ham. Thanks for the "shout out" to my site. Can't wait for Lorelai and Christian to meet!!!!

j.d. said...

Lorelai - What're you doing sitting in my chair? I'm the only one in this household who's supposed to be lounging topless in that chair!?

Happy 8th Month Day, La La!!! Now you're only wearing clothes meant for children 3 times your age?!

PS - I promise I'll try to stop calling you "chunker" by the time that you understand what I'm saying...

Love, Dad

Jennifer said...


Happy Monthday, Cutie!! Hope to be seeing you soon. I hope you don't squish me next time I see you!!!

The Other "L"

Anonymous said...

Happy 8th Month LaLa!!!! Peyton sends you her best. She wants to make sure you two girls have time to talk so you can give her a head's up on the next 6 months. She's not sure what to expect. The whole solid food thing is really exciting :)

You look fabulous darling. Keep up the good work of eating, sitting, singing, looking in the mirror and sleeping! Life is tough.

Kallie and Mike said...

She is beautiful Rachel!!! I can't get over it! Wish I could hang out with you guys!