September 9, 2007

Two Out of Four Ain't Bad!

It's been hard, it's been easy,
This poem will be really cheesy
It's been good, it's been bad,

But so much fun we've really had

Today we celebrate four years,

So here's to all the laughter
and tears

Happy Anniversary, JD! I love you!

(us then)
(us now)

Okay, I realize that an "us then" and "us now" is probably silly, as it's only been four years. However, I realized today that the "us now" photo is from our third anniversary. It's really sad that since our third anniversary, I don't have a single picture on record of us together. Aside from the one where JD is handing Lorelai to me in the hospital, but that's just not an attractive one.

If anyone else has pictures of us, let me know. Otherwise, it will be my mission today, to get a good family picture.


Anonymous said...

Only 4 years?! I feel so old (Jim & I just celebrated 10 years). Congrats you two - here's to lots more together! Mindy

Rebecca said...

Happy Anniversary!! You look great in both those pictures as usual. 21 lbs lost!??! Way to go, girl! We miss you in Fayetteville, but it looks like we will be staying here until Jan09 now so maybe when you return we will still be here!