November 15, 2007

Don't Sell the Steak, Sell the Sizzle

To properly take advantage of my free time (JD taking care of Lorelai), I decided to take an extra long shower. You know, eight minutes. While I was sudsing up the locks, I got to reading. I have quite a few bottles of over-priced junk in the shower, so I figured I'd turn those puppies around to see what kind of claims they made that really enticed me to purchase these products. I have to admit, I quickly learned that their advertising was not it.

Shoppers beware! One could seriously be led astray with the false advertising these companies are using. Let's take a certain body wash, for example. Who knew that for a mere $2.69 you will be so clean you'll be "energized and ready to take on the world." Really? Wow. What a great deal!
After cleansing your body with the SuperSerum, rehydrate your dry hair with this miracle shampoo and your curls are sure you to be "smooth as satin." Not to mention, don't be surprised when people stop you on the street to check their teeth in your "mirror-like" shiny tresses.
Friends, do not be fooled. I've been using these products for some time now and I can't say that my hair has been mistaken for satin. Yet. Nor have I been energized enough to take a walk in the last year, not to mention taking on the world.

Just when I thought the shower would be the end of the senseless advertising, I stumbled upon this in the kitchen.
"Naturally flavored with other natural flavors?" Seriously? Someone got PAID to come up with that? I could even do better!

Okay, maybe not, but I'm "just a mom."


Rebecca said...

I swear, your blog just gets more and more entertaining to read. Where do you come up with this stuff?

Anonymous said...

Okay, my blog gets you choked up and yours makes me realize that I didn't finish my kegal exercises when I was pregnant b/c I just peed my pants again from laughing OUT LOUD!

Anonymous said...

Wow = you really do have a lot of extra free time when JD has Lala. Thanks for the entertainment.


Renee said...

Lol... The pictures were an added bonus.. I would not have believed you if they weren't there :)

♥ Em said...

Your so funny! I love your blog!

Anna Childress said...

Really? I was always checking my teeth in your hair!