December 7, 2007

Christmas in December or July?

City Christmas parade down main street.

Christmas tree-lighting ceremony.

Picture it.

It's all the holiday things we look forward to on a wonderful evening in December, right?

We weren't expecting this..

Partly Cloudy

or this...but this is a given, really, at any small-town gathering . I hope this guy doesn't read my blog. But, yes, his shirt reads "Instant Redneck, Just Add Beer."All-in-all, we still had a good evening. (yes, I photoshopped me in the picture....and yes, I'm that much smaller than everyone else. So, I was lazy. Give me a break)


stormhuse said...

73 degrees... that's crazy! Don't get used to it, it's not that way here in the midwest. Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks!

♥ Em said...

73??? Its so cold here... like 30's and 40's. I love it though, hard to get in the mood for the holidays when its HOT.

I hope it cools down for ya.

Loved the shirt! How funny.

Melissa Hurlbut said...

Yesterday it was -22 degrees celsius with about a foot of snow here in Medicine Hat, Canada (and we are supposed to be the sunniest place in Canada!).... so that would be about -8 degrees fahrenheit! Try that on for cold; what a difference! haha!
P.S- no, we don't live in igloos! lol

Brenda said...

Hello? Lorelai? That man is not taking a picture of you Sweetheart. Look this way...

Anonymous said...

SO CUTE!!! Love the photoshopping. You are hilarious.

Sarah G. said...

73 degrees...and sandals. Man...I'm jealous. Sure beats snow and ice!!

Looks like you guys had fun! I especially like the mini-Rachel!

~Sara~ said...

Haha Rach-o,

LOVE the Photoshop job! :op That is too funny... Pretty nice job on the outline! ;o}