January 5, 2008

Nothing like leaving a present behind.

Yesterday, Lorelai had her one year check-up.

Any guesses on height and weight?

Yeah, I'm too impatient to wait for the guesses. She is 33.5" long and weighs 37 pounds. That is right, folks, we have a three-year-old on our hands. Her size makes these new temper tantrums SUPER exciting, let me tell you.

I'm a little upset with the whole immunization process. I don't know enough about it, but I hear all the time about how immunizations are bad. I obviously haven't done my homework enough to be able to agree or even discuss it. Yesterday, the doctor spent almost 40 minutes with us, which was very nice, considering we were in the waiting room for almost an hour. After all my questions were thoroughly answered, I was sent back out for immunizations. The mean-needle-sticker-lady didn't say hi. She just listed the shots out to me (too quickly for me to even comprehend) and then started sticking poor Lorelai. Four times. She then turned her back on me, I guess to let me know that we were done. I came "this close" to thumping her in the back of the head.

They gave her a shot for the chicken pox. When JD found out, he said "oh no, we didn't want that one." Oh, we didn't? Whoops! I didn't feel like I had a choice, although I know I did. I was just all caught up in the moment and didn't even think of it. Why should she get a chicken pox vaccine? I didn't get one....and I got the chicken pox and lived. Having chicken pox doesn't cause major problems with healthy children. I don't know, the more I think about it, the more I think that if we do all these vaccines for diseases like chicken pox, we're going to start having problems.

Onto more interesting news. Today, Lorelai had projectile vomiting issues. If you've ever had a child with projectile vomiting issues, you know that there is no warning sign. After the first burst, I should have escorted her to the tub immediately. But, I didn't. I waited. Then came the second explosion. As I picked her up to move her to the tub (about 20 feet away) she spewed five more times. It was on carpet, clean clothes, doors, chairs, ME. It was everywhere! I just kept walking and exclaiming "no. NO...oh, no...not THERE...oh jeez...Lorelai...can't you wait until we get into the ... oh MAN!!!" It was a joy to clean up. I stripped her down three times today before I realized it was probably best to just leave her naked. Good idea.

She had no other symptoms of sickness. No fever. No pain (that she told me about). No redness at the injection site. WebMD walked me through everything and she was fine. So, I'm diagnosing her with a stomach virus. I know, I will send my bill to me later.

I really wish I had my video camera to catch her fire hydrant detonate and 1.5 seconds later her body boogying and singing with the Doodlebops.

Needless to say, we didn't get out of the house today. Every time I went to dress her, she redecorated. I figured that the Target employees wouldn't appreciate me leaving presents behind on our shopping trail.

So, there you have it. A sick baby will keep me from wiping out the diaper wipes at yet another Target in San Antonio. I was wondering what could keep me away.

Speaking of Target...there is a rumor that their Christmas stuff is 90%. You better believe Target will be getting a dose of me tomorrow!!! But, please, someone remind me this November that I bought Christmas stuff. I'll never remember.

** Tomorrow, your Sunday paper will have extra coupons. I'm talking they normally have two booklets and they're going to have five. So, if you're looking to start or grow your coupon collection, tomorrow is a great day to stock up!! **


Brenda said...

Oooh. I remember a friend telling me she had learned the difference between "spit up" and "throw up." Yeah.
And 6 months later if you are crawling down the hallway playing a game with your daughter and you happen to see what appears to be dried, discolored splashes of something on the wall and baseboard...and realize what it is...don't feel bad.
I blame the husband. His job was floor clean up while I did baby duty. OK, you may go crawl on your hands and knees now to make sure you got it all.

Brenda said...

OH, and by the way, a friend just sent me an e-mail today to let me know that baby wipes get dark stains out of carpet. Just baby wipes. She got old coffee and chocolate milk stains up with one. I tried it and it really works.

Looks like you will be needing those Target wipes now.

Uma and Wil said...

Poor Baby! If she should have an upchuck episode in Target, you can tell the employees that the baby is still recovering from NYE party :). Feel better soon, Lorelai. I actually wished I had chicken pox vaccine. My experience with it was so awful and left me with all kinds of scars all over the place. And lastly, I really miss Target. Buying baby stuff, and using all these coupons you find, would make raising an expensive little person a tad easier on the wallet.

stormhuse said...

I love your commentary as you tried to get Lorelai to the tub... hilarious! Hope she's feeling better...

Anna Childress said...

Poor little girl! Hope she's better today and no recurrences before your trip. Don't worry about the vaccines - she'll be fine!

Anonymous said...

What is the pennys in your pocket lady for?

Jen Feagans
aka too lazt to log in....

bauer zoo said...

we weren't going to do the chicken pox vaccine with our kids either...then we were told that they couldn't go to school without it. yeah, alex was 4 and haley was 2 i had to take them in for them. i felt the same way about the shots too. i learned with the puking to not move once they start. i will stand them in one spot and grab something to stick under their face. it saves on the cleaning. i'd rather clean one big nasty spot than a 10 ft long line of puke. lazy i know! hope she feels better!

Kami said...

Could she have vomited from all the shots she got? Is that a side effect? That sounds pretty darn nasty. I had my own projectile episode this weekend in a Chicago Taco Bell parking lot...Too much beer... ;o)