January 27, 2008

Our Trip in Numbers

1 ~ one-year old birthday party

2 ~ cancelled nail appointments (never accomplished)

3 ~ trips made to the ER/Urgent Care/Doctor (for Lala)

4 ~ cancelled photo appointments at Sears photo (finally got those)

5 ~ cancelled massage appointments (never accomplished due to #3)

6 ~ times I raided Kelly’s closet because I packed incorrectly (dang it, weather.com!)

7 ~ friends who want to come visit San Antonio (Jo and Kelly might actually be able to make it before we move)

8 ~ six-packs of diet pepsi I drank while I was here (slight exaggeration!)

9 ~ home-cooked meals

10 ~ dollars I have in my wallet

11 ~ pictures I took

12 ~ pounds I gained (joke, but I sure felt like it!)

13 ~ days in NC Lala spent ill

14 ~ trips to Target

15 ~ visits to fast-food (majority to Sonic for soda with “good ice”)

16 ~ diapers a day (between Lala and Peyton)

17 ~ days we were in NC

18 ~ friends we were blessed to see

19 ~ times a child has to be told “no” before she even remotely cares

20 ~ times I wish I could see everyone again!!


Sarah G. said...

Rachel, You're way too creative!! I'm sorry that Lorelai was sick most of the time. Poor little girl. On the bright side, at least you got to spend two weeks with your best friend! Hope y'all had a good trip home.

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Oh that was too cute! Now I'm wanting a massage! Still laughing at #19!


Anonymous said...

Very cute. That was a good, comprhensive list of your trip. We really should have taken more photos and videos. I'll upload the one of Lala and P when they first met. LOL!


we miss you already

Jen said...

You poor thing....no pampering and a sick baby the whole time...

and about the rotovirus....it is pretty much everywhere... will tell you how in an email is it pretty gross:)

Sarah Rose said...

Glad you have fun reading our adventures...and misadventures!

To clarify: I am not the mother of a super genius. Though I have read about parents who potty train at 3 months (!!), mine still does her potty where most babies at 10 months do a potty -- in her diaper. I think the sign was purely coincidental at the end of her grunting and groaning, but I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt. :)

Thanks for the tips about sign language... I think my husband would LOVE IT if we signed touchdown by this weekend? We'll see! Ha! If you really are interested in early potty training, read the book Train Up a Child by Michael and Debi Pearl... but as for me, I'm waiting until the usual time!

Baby Kry said...

Rachel...you Rock!! I love the post :) Sorry we didn't catch up again. Is Lorelia doing better? I go tomorrow for glucose test number two. What am i going to do for 3 hours. Although i may get another expectant mom parking spot. That would make it all worth it :)

Someone Being Me said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Our babies are about the same age. Bear is 1 today. Your daughter is beautiful.

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

Yeah...good ice at Sonic.

The pic of your husband in the sidebar is making me laugh. I thought at first that below it, it said The Diagnosis, and I wondered what horrid disease he had that made those growths on his face! lol! Oh, how I do crack me up.

Excuse me for a minute while I risk revealing a brain blip, but...have I met you? Are you in San Antonio too? Did we talk about a MIRL? I'm such a dunce that way.

But if we didn't, maybe we should.

Sarah Rose said...

You are way too kind. No really! I AM thinking about selling them, just because they've been well-received with friends and on-line. I'll let you know!

By the way, your little one is way too cute!

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

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