January 9, 2008

Some stuff, some things and some other items

Dear Texas Drivers Who Have at Least One Hand,

When we're at a four-way stop and you and I get to the line at approximately the same time, we all know who has the right of way. However, when I wave you on, because I'm just that nice of a person, and you GO, it really wouldn't hurt to raise one of those hands and maybe, oh....I don't know...thank me for letting you go first?

Never Letting YOU Go First Again


Dear Young Lady (using this term loosely) Driving Behind My Mini-Van,

I'm betting your parents probably paid big bucks for your grill (that's teeth, for you non-gangsta types) and they wouldn't be really happy if the police called them to let them know their precious baby had a mouthful of bumper on I-35. Because that's what you're going to have if you get any closer to my rear-end. You are so close, in fact, that I can tell you have one gold tooth with a heart cut-out, in your low-rider texting your baby daddy while NOT looking at the mini-van in front of you...who would put on her breaks, if her sweet, precious and very impressionable daughter wasn't in the car. Be lucky I'm getting off at the next exit. Maybe someone else won't be so nice to you.

Hoping to Not Run Into You Again


Okay, had to get that off my chest. I have some serious road rage and I feel much better now. Thanks.

In two days, Lorelai and I will be going to NC for 2 1/2 weeks!!! WAHOO!! Would you believe that part of the flight was a Christmas present from my BFF Kelly!? Yep, that's right. Pretty sweet, huh?

We have 17 days of visiting friends, getting massages, eating, having playdates, walking. It is going to be such a great time.

Please pray that Lorelai continues to be an angel throughout all the flights. I wasn't really bright with the timing of the flights. Oh well. Live and learn, right?

So, I'll do my best to update as often as possible, between laughing, playing and eating!!! I'm pretty sure I'll gain another 10 pounds while I'm gone.

Now JD has 17 days without his loverly ladies to figure out this whole school scheduling thing. We sure are going to miss him, though!!


Now, how many of you were good boys and girls and got your newspapers on Sunday?

For those of you who did, here are some wonderful deals I scored today while at Target - using my newspaper coupons. These deals are good through Sunday!!!

Electrasol Powertabs, Gelpacks or Dual Action tabs in a 20-26 count box are price cut to $2.66.
Use your $2.25 coupon from the 01/06 inserts and the box will cost $0.41.
(prices may vary depending on your area)

Huggies Baby Wipe Deal - still going on until tomorrow!!!
Here, 40 pack travel wipes are on sale for $1.47. Use this coupon for $3 off two Huggies products and you'll get them for free with some overage.

Also, some of you were saying that the wipes aren't on sale at your Target. So, if they're $2.39 and you use the $3 off two Huggies coupon, and the $0.75 off one Manufacturer's coupon, they will be $0.14. Still a fantastic deal!!!

For those of you in the San Antonio area....ALYSSA wiped out the Forum Target. I know, I can't believe she'd do such a thing!

Campbell's Chicken Noodle and Tomato Soups
They're $0.60/can here ($0.50 in some areas)
Buy four and use two $0.50 for two Target Coupons
stacked with the $0.40 for four manufacturer's coupon from your Sunday SmartSource
and it makes the cans $0.25/can

Folgers coffee is priced at $2.99
Use the $1 off one Target coupon
and a $1 off coupon from your Sunday P&G insert
to get them for $0.99 each

Excedrin Back and Body 24ct is $2.54
Use the $2 off one coupon from the Sunday paper and get it for $0.54 a box!!

and...I didn't try this one, because I'm WAY stocked up for popcorn.....

Pop Secret popcorn
3pack price is $1.50
Use $0.40 off one coupon from your Sunday paper
or the $1 off 1 coupon from Boodle.com
boxes cost either $1.10 or $0.50

Happy Shopping!!!


j.d. said...

I can't believe I get to catch the "English Professor" in an error...so I'm going to make the most of it...

According to the OED (that's Oxford English Dictionary):

"break: 1 an interruption, pause, or gap. 2 a short rest or pause in work. 3 an instance of breaking, or the point where something is broken. 4 a sudden rush or dash. 5 informal an opportunity or chance. 6 (also break of serve or service break) Tennis the winning of a game against an opponent’s serve. 7 Snooker & Billiards a consecutive series of successful shots. 8 a short solo in jazz or popular music."

so the correct word would be brake:
"a device for slowing or stopping a moving vehicle."

but who's really focusing on your grammar on a blog, huh?

Brenda said...

OOOH--Snotty. Was that your husband? He's pretty cocky for someone who is going to be ALL ALONE for 17 days. :) Kidding, like I know you at all.


My sense of humor often gets me in trouble. It comes uninvited a lot.

ANYWAY--Rachel I was going to ask if you had seen this site: www.moneysavingmom.com Obviously I thought of you. Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

My favorite car accessory is my horn. Dan wants to know if it's possible to wear one out... I told him I'd let him know......


ha ha! Y'all are killing me.

Brenda, if JD wouldn't have said anything, my dad would have taken care of it for me.

I was going to edit the entry, but whatever. I'm allowed to make mistakes, right?

Uma and Wil said...

Texting while driving should be punishable by life in prison. Seriously. I'm utterly jealous of your trip to NC. Can't wait to see pictures of the baby reunion. You know, Lorelai, Christian is quite the handsome baby... Have a safe trip!

Jesstern said...

Great "letters" to Texas drivers! I had to teach Jim how drive in St. Louis when he moved here...the small-town driving just wasn't cutting it. I don't think he ever used the horn before living here. HA! I would reach over and honk it for him. Note: not the best thing to do as newlyweds. It's cause for a fight. But someone had to show him the ropes. :) The other day he actually used it without my prompting. *sniff* I was so proud.

Riann said...

And I thought I wiped out the Forum Target! They were all Christmas-themed Huggies wipes, but hey, nothing gives you a little holiday cheer more than wiping a baby bum! Thanks for the coupons!

Rebecca said...

Good Thinking, Uma - I am all about the early match-up between Lorelai and Christian!

Anonymous said...

Nobody is going to thank you for "waving them through" on a 4-way stop, because it's simple: when it's your turn, GO!!