April 29, 2008

Am I the only one who doesn't love Neil Diamond?

I'm going to attempt to give a one word OR one sentence description of each performance. Lofty goal, I know. I feel the need to switch it up a bit. Becs did it, so it must be pretty cool to do.

Paula looks pretty tonight. Pretty TANKED.

Is.....is that....NO....is that David Copperfield? Oh, Neil Diamond. Seriously? Is that guy still alive?

(just got done and went back through to re-read this.....sorry, but I'm all over the place with random thoughts. Y'all still love me, though, right?)

Jason Castro
1st song: Pretty much the same as every other song he's ever done.
2nd song: Pretty much the same as every other....you get the point.
Did anyone notice that girl playing the violin? The one with the superstar sunglasses?

David Cook
1st song: One word: WINNER.
2nd song: I must have his CD, now.

I just noticed that David is a lefty. I'm so observant. It only took me like 12 weeks. My brother is a lefty and plays the guitar. That's all.

Can I just tell you how excited I am that the judges aren't talking until after the second set of songs? YAY!! YAY!! YAY!! Okay, so I'm really just excited that PAULA won't be blabbing.

Brooke White
(my bet is that she'll have a Barbie doll made in her likeness after this before she has a cd out)
1st song: OUCH
2nd song: Good, but not good enough for being in the top five.

Paula needs to NOT dance. She was known for her dancing back in the day. Leave it. Back in the day.

JD would be really ticked if I held up a sign that read "My husband has a man-crush on Seacrest." Did anyone else see that? Would anyone else have a mad hubby?

David Archuleta
1st song: Sweet David Archuleta....all I could do was shout "Duh duh duh....so good, so good, so good...." I'm going to give him one sentence (well, I guess two now) AND one word. Mediocre.
2nd song: Great singer, but I wish someone would rearrange his songs and make them more contemporary. (I agree with you, Scott...if his future doesn't include Disney, I'll be surprised).

Syesha Mercado (Let me guess...she sold her shoes to pay for her extensions?)
1st song: Pretty, but it's Neil Diamond, how amazing can you be if you don't switch it up?
2nd song: FINALLY, she is having FUN!

OH NO! The judges DID comment after the first round! UGH!

Seriously? Did Paula just judge the second song that Jason hasn't done yet? I told you she was tanked.

MAY 22ND!!! SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I secretly wish I could be on this show. As a singer, not a judge. Wait...now that I think about it....either would pretty much rock. Can I replace Paula?

Best of the night: David Cook, of COURSE!
Going Home: Jason or Brooke
One comment Simon made with which I do not agree: That it might be Syesha's last night. I guess it technically could be, but it shouldn't be.

I know I didn't comment last week on the early dismissal of Carly. That's because it's crap. That's right. CRAP.

I was kind of bored with tonight's show. Anyone else? Let's jut give David Cook the title and get on with So You Think You Can Dance. I really thought it would be harder as it got to the top four, but with Carly gone, there's not much fightin' going on.


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Brittany said...

Never EVER been a fan of Neil. EVER. Always reminded me of Beethoven!

See him here: http://morningnoonandnight.files.wordpress.com/2007/11/beethoven.jpg

I'm in love with David Cook. :) That is all.

Beth said...

I love all of your comments...I think they are right on the money.

And I did notice the violinist rocking the shades. Thought it was kind of odd but I guess she wanted her 15 seconds of fame.

I also noticed the man crush sign. I found that very odd...guess that husband is secure in his masculinity!

And poor drunk Paula! They really need to replace her. She just keeps making a fool of herself.

And not only do I wish Paula would stop dancing, I wish they would make the people on the front row stop waving their arms when it is a slow song. Next thing you know, they will be holding up lighters. Drives me nuts!

Joanne and Deric said...

All I can say is - I agree, I agree, I agree!
Good Work this week -
I am also bored of Idols now .... lets move on!

Becs said...

I think its ok if she dances when it fits, but last night it did not fit. The sign, well... I would be dead but maybe her husband really does have one... thats worse than the sign.
I also forgot to mention on my blog that Neil Diamond's nephew (or something) tried to date me in HS. We went on one date, but he was too into me too soon. (Wow, i sound like i think im all that. i dont)

Rebecca said...

I loved your posting - my mom and I missed AI last night and Satellite Television cut out and didn't record the show for me. I agree, Carly going home was crap.

Photos from Storm's wedding, please? Thanks for the skydiving video by the way, you rock!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I LOVE Neil Diamond! Always have. I liked him better when he was younger, had a secret crush on him, but now he's old. Still like his old music though.

What the HECK was up with Paula! I mean seriously, did she really think "he sang two songs"? And did you see the look on David's face when she said that. I hate how everyone was trying to cover for her and make it seem like she was okay, why didn't "Dawg" just say, "Dude, what's wrong with you they've only done 1 song you idiot, pay attention!"

I agree with your calls on who will stay or go.

Toni said...

Welcome back. Hope you had a nice trip.

I can't believe I forgot to watch. Unlike you, I loooove Neil Diamond!

I was also stunned that Carly went home last week!!

Anonymous said...

Oh and why IS that about the David Cook Lefty discovery? I too have watched him perform this whole time and for some reason last night, it really stuck out that he played left handed???

Scott said...

Welcome back. I was so worried we wouldn't get you AI insights this week.
I think I'm going to be spending more time watching Paula from here on out. THAT'S a show right there.

that girl said...

LOL about the David Copperfield comparison.

Glitter can only hide so much, my man!

It's a beautiful noise...

Kami said...

I Twittered "Paula Abdul is an Idiot" did you see it? What a drunk fool! What are they really drinking out of those Coke glasses? David Cook is my man. The end. David A could go on to Disney stuff for sure. He still has some growing to do and his voice could still change a bit. I say bye bye Jason Castro. Like him, but want to flip my head side to side for ever song he plays, ding dong, they all sound the same to me.

Sarah Rose said...

first: you should know that I'm commenting on your blog instead of showering. i thought you might appreciate that tidbit.

second: i just wanted to say that i am with you. idol has begun to bore me to death. and i'm glad someone has finally gone on out there and said it. seriously.

third: i just realized that i did this whole comment in lowercase, but i'm way too lazy to fix it. sorry!

hope you're having a good one!

Anonymous said...

I can not believe that you said Syesha sold her shoes for her extensions. That's hilarious!



JAMIE'S CREW said...

I totally could see that 2nd song David Cook did as a Rock Ballad. He is definintely my FAV to win at this point. David A is good - but what would be his niche??? Maybe it is Disney, indeed. I agree that Jason or Brooke should go. Jason I just don't get him - or what niche he fills - and Brooke - well - I think she just isn't on the same playing field level. if you know what I mean.

Becs said...

OK, the Syesha comment was funny... but I don't condone such comments so I had to laugh on the inside. (There are too many Syesha haters in the blogosphere and they are all linked to your blog.)

David A is about as Disney as you can get. He even looks like an animated Disney character. I see the story line: quiet, shy little boy escapes his demanding and overbearing stage father to become a star of his own... on his own terms.

Lastly, I take a hint of mocking in your Becs did it so it must be cool comment... but just remember it was I who turned down Neil's "nephew" not you :)

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

yeah, poor brooke...she's so sweet...but really not AI 08! she's beautiful and has a good voice...but she's probably on the chopping block tonight. i agree with everything else also you said...

David Cook NEEDS TO WIN!