April 8, 2008

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. ~ Helen Keller

What? You haven't ever heard that quote? Yeah, well, neither had I. I had to google "inspirational quotes" because I couldn't think of a title for this blog. Somehow "American Idol Update" seemed too boring.

For those of you who couldn't care less about AI and are about to stop reading, come back later this week, my sister convinced me to finally get all the videos off my computer, so I'll have some new stuff NOT about AI this week!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program. I'm TiVo-live blogging, and I'm going to do my best to comment before the judges. Sometimes, listening to them while I type makes me want to rewind and re-think my opinion.

I like to be a leader, not a follower.

Here we go.....

WHOAH, sorry to start this way, but Paula's boobages are a little....well, smooshed. How uncomfortable!

Michael Johns
Oh, sporting the ascot again, hey, daredevil? I bet you checked your myspace page and got a lot of compliments on it, huh? I used to own a vest like that. I wore it with my jeans in middle school that had the pleather on the front. I was hot. I was 12.

Oh wait, this is a singing contest. He is doing a good job. Great song. Uh oh...spoke too soon. That wasn't falsetto...it was just false. That doesn't make any sense, but he could have done without the ending - switch it up a bit, dude, when you can't hit the note.

Man, Michael must have thought that Brooke talking back to the judges was a good idea. Michael, it is NOT a good idea. Zip the lips.

And Paula's comment about him sounding as good as he looks...is that a good thing or a bad thing?

And are we calling our breasts "chihuahuas" now? Because, if so, her chihuahuas are smooshed.

Only she could wear white pants.

Fantasia? Really? Why does she keep picking songs that are SO distinctly linked to the original singers' style? Becs....you need to let her know how I feel about this. She is doing a good job. I don't like Fantastia, so I definitely like Syesha's version better! Mainly because she's not stomping her feet and getting that Klingon forehead like Fantastia does. Nice falsetto, Syesha. You should have worked with Michael on his. She has some pipes, that's for sure.

(by the way, I googled Klingon to make sure I spelled it right and found this. Are you kidding me?)

Oh no....now she's talking back to the judges. Umpfh.

Let the chihuahuas go, Paula. They can't breathe.

I do agree with Simon, whole-heartedly. She sang it really well, but it is missing something.

Jason Castro
GREAT song choice for you, buddy. And the ukelele....um, uekalaylee...how on earth do you spell that? I'm going to pause and google. Be right back. Ahhh...ukUlele.

Okay, back to the show. Is it me, or is the ukulele making his pants look tight?

I really like him, but he doesn't WOW me much. But I do feel like I could totally play his music on my ipod while sitting on the beach.

I am surprised that the judges liked it so much. I liked it, but I wasn't blown away. When things like that happens, I wonder if maybe he needs a little bit of a boost in the voting arena, so the judges give him some kudos. We all know that America tends to lean toward Simon's comments.

Kristy Lee Cook
Martina, huh? Bold choice. One of my favorite songs.

So, she's definitely picking it up. Maybe that's the key - don't stick out right away with an amazing song, because we'll expect that from you from then on. She did a really great job, in my opinion. Some pitchy areas, but I am sure she's feeling a little down after being in the bottom three so many times. This was her best, definitely.

Ugh, Paula just said the same thing I did. Now I want to change my opinion.

She is going to be a good country singer. We need more young, pretty, thin blondes with perfect skin and teeth in the country market.

OH. MY. GOSH. So you think you can dance is coming in May. I should really just start a new blog where I talk about all the reality shows I watch. This is a sickness.

Who is sitting on Simon's lap? Mike Darnell from Fox. Sitting on Simon's lap. Why? Weird.

David Cook
Innocent. Good song. Bad, bad, baaaad jacket. Does he realize he left his red Livestrong bracelet half-way on his hand? Probably not, he's too focused on making sure his other hand doesn't sweat so the "Give Back" will show up. That was gay. Really.

Seriously, I just really like David Cook. But, this week didn't do it for me. He's so good that he needs to really blow us out of the water to get noticed now. That's a good, but tough position to be in. It's a good thing I'm not his adviser, because I'm trying to think about what he could do to stand out again and...I've got nothing.

I love her tattoos. I know not everyone does. But, I hope she covers them tonight. No luck. She's wearing a speedo. Yeah, that's GOT to be a speedo. And the slacks equivalent of mom jeans.

And she dyed her hair a reddish color. I truly believe that the hits I've been getting on my sitemeter from California are her. Carly, I love my hair color too...glad you chose to jump on my bandwagon. (no, Carissa...I'm not serious. Those hits are DEFINITELY from Simon. definitely.)

She is sitting in the same position David Cook is sitting. She's usually so good, she needs something special. Something a capella, maybe?

Oh, she's blaming Simon now. It's not Simon, Carly...it's that swimsuit.

David Archuleta
This should be a good night for him. He's always talking about the message in a song. So introspective for a youngster.

His voice is like velvet. No, satin. Whatever...some really soft fabric.

I love this song. It's contemporary, rather than the songs he has been choosing. He's tamed down the lip-licking quite a bit, too. Good job, David. I guess you're reading my blog too. This blogging world is pretty influential. Say hi to me next week...mmm-kay? BFF!

Great job. Even though this wasn't his personal best, it was the one of the best tonight.

Brooke White
Oh, Carly Simon. I love love love this song. I can smell the vinyl right now. (and if you don't know what I mean, google it, you young readers of mine) She isn't making it too original, but it's still good. She's so solid and really connects with the audience. At least this audience in my living room. She's safe.

Oh man, she's talking to the judges again. Stop stop stop it!! Definitive is the Paula's word of the night.

So, overall, tonight was pretty good. Nobody really stood out to me.

Best Performance: I guess Jason Castro and David Archuleta
Going Home: I say nobody, because they usually keep everyone
for the Idol Gives Back week, right?

I knew this season was going to be tough! Leave me your thoughts in my comments.

I love it when you comment. It's like Christmas morning for me.

Sad, I know.

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Feagans Family said...

so have you picked a winner yet? are you thinkin' David?

Uma and Wil said...

Swimming video? Please?

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Ok, girl. You CRACK me up! This was my favorite AI post I've read. I'm going to send Scott over here, too. :)

Beth said...

"And the slacks equivalent of mom jeans."

Totally agree! I was trying to explain to my husband that her pants were too high waisted. He just gave me a blank stare.

And her belt - ick! She is so cute but she dresses like an old rocker wannabe. And Simon was right - her performance was angry.

As far as David A. - I just don't get him. I'm not sure what everyone loves about him. His voice is very one dimensional and he is so sappy I can't stand it.

Liz said...

I love your Blog - love it even more now that you are talking AI. I'm tempted to stop watching though because once Kristy is gone I don't want to see anyone else go (although I'm not particularly attached to Syesha - she's good but doesn't wow me). I'm a big fan of David Cook but I don't think he'll make it through. Archuleta and Castro are crowd favs. Sigh.

Anyhow, a friend from Bloomington IN passed me on to your Blog. I'm totally intrigued by your daughter's swimming class. Wish they had it in our area.

Thanks for posting!


Becs said...

I am seriously going to tell my boss to tell Syesha when she talks to her... that and not to talk back. I will also tell my aunt who works with her aunt. I know pathetic... my blog just isnt hot enough for them to check it ;)
I like your update, as usual. He he smooshed. OMG and the mom jeans! GREAT!
Too bad you live so far away we could have an AI party, but of course we would both be sitting and blogging during the whole thing.

Rebecca said...

Haha, I love the speedo comment. I think she was wearing a bodysuit, wow, that takes me back!

What is with everyone in mega tight pants (especially the guys)? You are right, Syesha did work the white though. I loved Jason Cook's performance! David Cook just doesn't do it for me. Too smug, especially last night.
Could Paula even breathe last night? Wow.
Great post! Entertaining!

Brenda said...

Rachel, I don't um, AI. Is that a verb? But I would like to know one thing...when did your disdain for Paula start? I know you are too young, as evidenced by your recent NKOTB post, to have rocked out to her on the radio. But she was pretty cool back in the day. Have you always felt this way, or only since she began talking on TV?

Kami said...

I am having a hard time deciding who's going next. Initially I said Jason Castro, however i doubt that will actually happen...David A. doens't have the best stage presents (I know I spelled that wrong, but I don't care). He's still a bit akward with his body movements. He's got the voice and all but needs to learn to shake those hips a little or something, he's like a singing tree. I have a feeling my girlfriend KLC will go home next, or Michael Johns. I really just wasn't impresed by many last night. We shall see...Ryan is really short and annoys me. He tans too much. I think he was referring to Simon's testicles when he said something about his chiwawas. Pauls really does have chiwawas I don't think they were referrring to her boobage, but yes they were a tad smoooshed. Randy was irritating me all night. Yo yo yo, check it out yo, I think there was some pitch problems..blah blah blah, knock it off buddy! Broaden your vocabulary PLEEEEEESE!
The end.

Toni said...

I just love your comments, I only wish I had seen Paula's ummm well you know.

Thanks for the link to the give aways!

Joanne and Deric said...

I look forward to Wednesdays just for your AI blog!!!!! All I can say is NAIL ON THE HEAD!
Oh and if it makes you feel any better, I also am nexto myself with excitement for....... So You Think You Can Dance!!!!! Last year was so fab!
You should really be a spokes person for the general public! You just get us!

Anonymous said...

Okay 1. What does that mean? and B. are YOU kidding me with David Cook? Simon said he was forgettable last night and I thought he went way over the top. Noone will forget when he showed the camera his "Give Back" at the end. I got chills. And how many artists out there wear jackets and other clothes that look like they raided a good will? If they can pull it off, so can he. Now, the ukulele guy. Yeh, I could listen while sipping mai tais on the beach, but that will never happen, and neither will stardom for this kid. He's good, but all he ever sings are lullabies. And I'm SO over Christi Cook. She's too ordinary and she seems very fake to me. She's always stuffy and shy and looks as though she's hiding behind something. I don't like her at all. She can carry a tune, but seriously, she gets on my nerves. Tattoo woman: What exactly was that she was wearing last night? And was I high, or did Simon actually compliment it? Isn't he the one that told her she needs help in the wardrobe department. Hey Rach, didn't one of us have a shirt similar to that in the 80's? And little Archuleta, last night he almost had me in tears. If you close your eyes to listen to him, you would NEVER suspect that voice came from a 17 year old boy.

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

I just re-read what I wrote last night. I should have proof-read it! I said Carly Simon because I think Brooke looks like her....not that the song was BY her.

tired. I was so tired.

Sidman Family said...

Thanks for the update. I depend on you because I am completely sucked into the Biggest Loser right now. You have me cracking up about Paula's boobage, and I didn't even see it (them)!

Terry said...

I don't follow AI at all. I watch the audition episodes at the beginning because I find them absolutely hilarious! Once they pick the finalists, I drop out. I did like that David kid though.

Collee said...

THANKYOU for being disturbed about the cleavage - it made me hurt just seeing it! Strapless needs to be fitted well to stay up - but pushing it all out over the top is just too much! And So You Think you can Dance! I am so pumped!

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Stumbled on your blog last week - can't even remember how now - but am totally enjoying your AI blogging. You are right on target.

I thought the same about Paula - and frankly - Her body language looked like she was uncomfortable i.e. embarrased at being dressed like that. I did like her hair in the up-do.

Again, enjoyed your blog. If you do write about So You Think You can Dance - I will love to follow along!

Anna said...

you really crack me up!!! i love reading your american idol posts...

Anonymous said...

I didn't read all of your blog, but I wanted to correct you on David Cook's bracelet. He wears that in honor of a little girl who has cancer in Florida. Her father made those bracelets in her honor. He is a Fox News guy and was interviewing David Cook when they started chatting about their families. When the guy told David about his daugther and the bracelet, David asked for one. He's been wearing it ever since. The Fox guy said his daugther gets so excited everytime he wears it. Just thought I'd let you know :)


Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

oh my gosh, make me feel like poopoo, Kel! :-) That is a sweet sentiment, but why does he wear it half-way on his hand?

Also, welcome my new readers! I see you out there on my sitemeter.

Nancy said...

Oh, boy, just what I need -- another funny blog to read! About as much as I need another reality show to watch! Reading your comments was like reviewing my own comments/thoughts as I watched the other night. A little spooky, actually. Found your blog through Boomama's. I'll be baaaack!

Linda said...

Loved your re-cap. I do one weekly, too, but not as witty! I am still aghast at who went home tonight. He's not my fav, but still. Guess he didn't rock the ascot enough.