May 7, 2008

I don't wanna work. I just wanna play on the computer all day.

I had blood work done today.

That made me tired.

I've been working on a friend's website ALL night long and I'm now behind 145 unread emails, 109 (down from 299) blog entries of friends, another website and tonight's episode of American Idol. The laptop is STILL broken, so I would have to handwrite my comments and then transfer them....quite frankly, I'm bored with American Idol this season now. I don't even want to blog about it. Maybe I'll be out of the funk next week?

Check out these websites...they have great AI reviews, but even some of them admit to being "over it."

Honey I Fed the Kids (quite possibly the funniest guy I've never met)
BooMama (never met her either, but she has a great blog)
Still His Girl (way naturally beautiful and married to the funniest guy I've never met)
Ahh Duh! (hmmm...again, I've never met her, but I feel like I have....check out her adorable daughter while you're on there. Oh yeah, and she's talking about y'all over there!)
2nd Cup of Coffee (do you see a trend here? I've never met her either. But she's snarky, and I like that)

I have so many updates, but I'm falling behind there too. I'll get there someday. Bear with me. Y'all are superb. I'll try to at least give you some more free stuff to bribe you into sticking with me.


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Becs said...

I am kind of over it too, but did not own up to it on my blog. I think this may be my last of the season. Its no fun when it gets down to a few, especially because the one word thing isnt as challenging.

I cant believe you ratted me out on the Syesha Haters! But I Am kind of glad.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I'll stay with you, girl! :) You make me smile.

Scott said...

You had me at "free stuff."

Toni said...

Good luck getting caught up!!

Jessi said...

haha we just got pedicures yesterday!! It was the perfect way to celebrate the end of the year!

Anna Childress said...

Go take a nap.

kmiloch said...

I was over it in the beginning but am a little bit into it now - I am a huge DWTS fan though and they may be the reason why I am not as into AI this year. Don't apologize for not updating often - I am quite possibly the slowest person ever to update our blog :-)

Tracye said...

299 emails??? Dear God... I'd just delete them all, and make up something if anyone called me on it!

Not that I've ever done that before. ;)