May 8, 2008

Jesus, is that You?

I forgot to mention my favorite part of yesterday's Jazzercise class.

About halfway through, right when I was about to have to chase down my heart, a woman came out of nowhere (okay, she was in the line in front of me) and handed me (and everyone else) COLD WET washcloths!!! Seriously!?

I asked her if she also walked on water.

She didn't answer.

....... side note ...... I want a new name for Jazzercise. Something that won't make me cringe when I say it. Any ideas?

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stormhuse said...

How about Jizzazzercizzle?

I think that's how Snoop says it.

Becs said...

Technically, I think Snoop would call it Jazzizzlecise or something like that. Not that I'm a Snoop expert or anything.

Either way, that would have me feeling a little less grandma about it.

Brenda said...

Yes, Rachel. Calling it Jazzizzlecise is really going to boost your popularity.

Can't you just say "I'm going to work out" and leave the details (and the leg warmers) in your car?
By the way, someone else was talking about Jazzercise today. Was it Big Mama?

Anonymous said...

You could just call it dance class. That has a youthful ring to it!

Kami said...

Well how would you describe what you are doing? I think the name originated from A. Listening to Jazz music while "working out", or B. Because you're getting "Jazzed up", or excited, getting the blood flowing. I am sure if you think about it you will come up with something really cool. It seems everyone these days uses the term "work out" more than the old school "exercise", but you can't very well say I'm going to "jazzworkout" class right?

Check this out:


Becs said...

I have to comment here that Syesha is the bomb diggety! You could make her the face of Jazzercise and that would make it insta-cool!


{Karla} said...

I always hate that name too. Makes me think of Jane Fonda/80s workout leotards...

xo ~K

Shauna said...

I love that you are in jazzercise - it cracks me up.

Jessica P. said...

I know I am late commenting on this on but when I first saw the title (I believe this was the day after AI vote off last week) I thought for sure you were going to comment on Bo Bice (thats his name right) because of that hair. Then I was going to go show Alex your blog to see I was NOT the only one that thought he looked like Jesus. LOL. But maybe I am. Opps

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

great post...humorous & clever as always.

new name for jazzercise...nah, stick with's so 80s for us 30 year olds to just say it out it is and be proud of it.

I saw on another post you mentioned you were 30...when did you turn 30. My 30th was jan 12, 2008. :-) I'll look into the hair & skin thing and see what I find...