October 26, 2008

Tomorrow, tomorrow....I'll giveaway tomorrow

Well, I won't be giving away tomorrow, actually. I mean, how could I do that?

On Monday, I will be taking part of the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival. Every quarter, this carnival is put on and it's simply crazy, y'all. Thousands of people log in to see who is giving something away. Don't believe me? Just watch. The comments will be far more numerous than ever before. Everybody wants something for free. Me included.

I asked a few posts ago, about what I should give away. I changed my mind. I just made something today for our store that I will be giving away. Thanks, Riann, for encouraging me to try it. It turned out JUST like the real ones!

So, keep an eye out. I might even have two giveaways. We'll see. And you'll get more than one chance to win, because I'll be looking for a name for that newest item to go into the Shut the Front Door store!

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Emily said...

Oh boy, a giveaway!!! Thats always fun.. and I should hold one of my own, but I am so bad as to what I should giveaway.

P.S. I LOVE the "Just-In-Case Diaper and Wipe Set" from your etsy shop!! I want it so bad!!!!!! That is so cute, I must talk to hubby about purchasing that!

Baby Kry said...

I am so amazed by you! I don't have a lick of talent to sew. Actually I don't even own a sewing machine....The burp cloths are awesome. Sometimes I just want a nice one for when we are out in public with the spitter oh I mean my daughter :) I am addicted to the bloggy giveaways, i have been on it daily. I can't wait for tomorrow!!!

Rebecca said...

Am I the only one that has no idea what a bloggy giveaway is? I vaguely remember last time but I never joined in on the fun? Where do I START?!! :)

Rach@In His Hands said...

Oooo, can't wait to see what item you'll have for the giveaway!!

Anonymous said...

If I ever have a girl I'll SO order one of those outfits....TOO CUTE!! Julie Z.

TAMI said...

I love your vid. You crazy woman, I wish I had an ounce of your fire and creativity! Muah!!!

katharine said...

I want to win! Fun video. I love the fabric choices in your etsy shop, especially on the girly burp cloths. but I have a boy!

I posted about you on my blog, hope to send some of my readers your way.

Names I can think of "Suck and Cover" "Breast Nest" "Sippin' Hood" or "Mother Hood".

Good luck with your new store!

Tami said...

So you don't forget...boo-bees hideout w/little bee insignia. :o)