January 31, 2009


We have a winner of the Yoga Mat Bag from this week's Giveaway!!!

I have a couple observations first...

~ I had to giggle at how many people thought this giveaway was for the mat and not the mat bag. I'm sorry to report that the winner will NOT be getting the mat. Sorry if that disappoints the winner.

~ Only a few "contestants" came here and just said "thank you" or "thanks for the chance." Not that I don't appreciate those visitors, but those of you who left snarky comments, jokes and complimentary words of encouragement, y'all made me laugh and smile and that's worth something.

~ This yoga mat is going to probably one of the most deserving people I know. Yep, I know her.

~ You're probably going to think this was rigged, but it wasn't.

To pick the winner, I asked JD to pick a number between 1-160 and he picked number nine. When I asked him why, he said "because none of the first commenters ever win anything!" I love him for knowing that.

#9 - REBECCA with the comment:
My favorite item in your store - yipppeee! Even though I haven't been doing yoga as often as before (timing of the class interferes with Christian's new naptime) I plan to get back to it as soon as I can. I LOVE IT. YAy for a great giveaway!

If you don't know Rebecca, go check out her blog. She has a one-year-old DARLING son whom she delivered while her husband was on a 15-month deployment. Did y'all hear that?

She. Delivered. Her. Baby. While. Her. Husband. Was. Deployed. For. FIFTEEN. Months.

Though, there are many others who have done this before her and will do this after her, I was constantly amazed by how she handled it. She did it with such grace, though I'm sure many nights were tear-filled. She had an amazing support system going through it, thank GOD! Through all that mess, she did yoga and took care of herself amazingly well. After Christian was born, she gave up one of her biggest vices (dairy) so he could nurse. She made soy milk. MADE soy milk and other non-dairy dairy products, made his baby food and still did yoga. If I remember correctly, she also did a triathlon just WEEKS after Christian was born. She's a machine, really.

I'm lucky (still, after two years) to take a shower before noon every day. Who am I kidding - I'm lucky to take a shower every day!

So, anyhow, with her love of yoga and the crazy things she can do with her body, I think she definitely deserves this yoga mat bag. Wouldn't you agree?

Congratulations, Rebecca! You have until Monday at noon to get back with me, or we'll have to pick another winner.

ha ha - I just had to say that, considering I talk to you daily. Now you HAVE to take a picture of you with the bag in use for my "clients's pictures" page.

Thank you, everyone, for playing! See you in a few months for another giveaway!

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Chelsea said...

If I have to lose this contest then who better to lose it to then Rebecca! Yay Rebecca!

Becs said...

Yay Rebecca!
She has been eyeing that bag for a while :)
(I knew it was for the bag not the mat, but the only thing witty i could come up with was in reference to a mat...
and I didn't want to feel bad for saying something simple like "thanks for the giveaway"... the gall of people who say that!!! JK)

Uma and Wil said...

I think Rebecca is on a winning streak. How about we all chip in and ask her to buy us some lotto tickets?

Emily said...

Congrats to the winner!!!!! I first thought it was the mat.. ha! But I quickly realized it wasn't. It was a great giveaway... one of your best items at the shop!

Rebecca said...

Haha, Uma. I was thinking the same thing. Especially since I rarely win anything... ever!

What a great early bday present for me. YAY.

Thanks again and give JD a BIG BIG kiss from me for choosing my number.

Baby Kry said...

Yeah rebecca! I am glad you won! Plus you're the only person i know who can actually do those crazy yoga positions!

The Fortenberrys said...

Congrats Rebecca. I'm so excited for you!!! You will love your bag; I love mine Rachel made too. I am so glad you won.

Anonymous said...

Hip hip hurrah for Rebecca !!!

You enjoy that thang, gurl friend. :)

Alyssa's aunt helen

Heidi said...

Uh, that chick TOTALLY deserves the mat too! He He. I'm sure she has her own.
What a great story to hear. I need to re-read this post when I get mad at my husband for working late or something. I can't imagine 15 months!