January 12, 2009

You don't bring me to tears anymore, mister!

I started mentally preparing to make a new recipe that my dear friend, Katie, sent to me. I was agonizing over cutting the onions. I use fresh veggies for nearly ever meal. And onions kill me every time. So, needless to say, that's the veggie I save for last!

As I was procrastinating to get started, I decided to google how to cut onions without crying. I've googled this before and have gotten 10+ different answers; wear sunglasses, wear goggles, cut it under water, freeze them, etc. None of them actually worked for me.

This time I found a different idea. And I loved this guy's video - short and sweet. Check this out.

Cut An Onion Without Crying - Click here for this week’s top video clips

I tried cutting an onion using his method. It resulted in nearly NO tears. I did get a little irritation, because I'm a moron and left the bulb right next to me. DUH.

But, nothing near what happened when I cut the second onion. I decided to try cutting it like I always do, with no precautions. I was in tears in seconds. Horrible tears. I had to walk away probably five or six times to get the nastiness out of my eyes. I have mascara streaks on my sweatshirt to prove it.

Try it next time you cut an onion! It really works.

I searched a little more through this guy's videos and found a few more great ideas.

How to peel an egg quickly and easily

How to make spaghetti sauce

How to make the perfect omelette - this is brilliant!

Oh yeah, and if you haven't noticed yet, I started a recipe blog. Originally it was because I wanted to have all my favorite recipes online when I was out of town and wanted to cook. But, Laura has now started adding some as well. If you have any wonderful recipes you'd like to share, we'll give you credit, if you don't mind it being on the page.

Bon Apetite!

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JAMIE'S CREW said...

I actually DID find your recipe blog! What a GREAT idea! I had been meaning to mention it!

The Phillips Place said...

I wanna go try this right now, even thought it's 9 in the morning and I have no need for an onion :).

Sweet tip!

Uma and Wil said...

Do you wear contacts? I notice that I cry a lot more if I'm cutting an onion while wearing my glasses and not so much with contacts. This tip is pretty cool though.

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

Cool! I tried Sarah @ http://thebowyers.blogspot.com/ trick. She holds a spoon in her mouth. It does help. I am not sure why but it does. My biggest problem is I start cutting the onion before I remember to grab a spoon. I'll have to try this trick too!

Jeff Kyker said...

unrelated but interesting:

Rach@In His Hands said...

Ooooo....thanks for sharing. I love cooking with onions, but the crying is such a pain!!!!!!

I passed on a blog award to you today. Come and see!

Joanne and Deric said...

You continue to astound me!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nifty tip home gurl !
That is the most aggravating eye
irritant ever.

Thank you gurl !
Will send any & all choice recipes.
Love ya hon,
Alyssa's aunt helen

Anna Childress said...

Eww! Onions get me too, just reading about it on your blog made my eyes water. I'll have to try this next time it's me vs. an onion, but till then...how do I read Rachel's blog without crying? :-)

Jessica P. said...

Those are great tips! Even though I don't like eating onions too much I do cook with them all the time because Alex loves them (and they add flavor to the dish). I am always in tears. Can't wait to try them. Oh and one day on my website I hope to do the recipe blog too. I always take pictures of a meal I am making for the first time just in case I like it and want to add it to my future blog. LOL. I do this because I only like to try recipes that have pictures accompanying them. Weird, I know.