February 5, 2009

My word, that's ugly.

I have a secret. I don't shop at the thrift stores as often as you might think. I know, I can't believe I'm sharing this either. I buy a lot while I'm there, then write out a bunch of blog entries and schedule them to appear daily. This makes you think I blog every day (yeah, who has time for that!?), and that I go thrifting a lot. Once again, who has time for all that, especially with a child or two?

Phew. Got that off my chest. Thanks for listening. You're such a good listener.

Now, onto a few more things I've found recently. I usually steer clear of items at thrift stores that are hard to clean. Sometimes pillows fall into that category. Call me brave, but if I see one with "good bones" but a not-so-pretty "skin," I will smell it to make sure it's not possibly beyond repair. That doesn't always bode well for me. Or my gag reflex. But, I feel it's imperative....if anything is "imperative" when thrifting.

So, I find some super ugly pillows, smell them and they smell fine, so I snag them up. I can't remember right now, but I'm pretty sure they were like $5 each, which is pretty good for the good shape these were in.

I get home and after JD gives me a funny look, I do what I always do and take photos of them.

Through the magic of digital photography, I look at my handiwork and I think "wow, those look really ugly on camera."


I'm thinking they're definitely not THAT ugly, maybe if I take the picture from another angle, they won't look so bad.

Take two.

Nope, they're still ugly.

But noooowww.....

ahhh, that's much better.

Just a side note, for those of you who don't have great thrift stores around (ahem, San Antonio, TX). Big Lots has pillows for $5 all the time. Some of them are pretty big too. They're brand new and you don't have to do the smell test. Some of them are actually nice just the way they are. But, if you want to make pillows for your house and don't want to buy the forms or the poly-fill, check out Big Lots.

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Rach@In His Hands said...

I love the "smell test"!

They turned out SOOOOOOO cute! Love them.

~B~ said...

I just recently moved from San Antonio, Lived there for 4yrs. Now in Belgium. Thank you Air Force. =)

But on a note of other places that has good pillows for cheap...Marshalls,Ross, TJ Maxx- and depending on what location you got to if it is real messy it always made me feel like I was at a garage sell digging to find some gold. =)

Oh and can not forget Garden Ridge.

Man I miss Texas.

Before I sign off I love the play of the patterns you did. Thanks for another post. Plus you are not alone. SOmetimes I will randomly write blogs, and add to them as I go and then post them. I do not even have the following you have or the neat ideas. So with all the tips you give no one will complain.

Becs said...

You would be INSANE to bring a 2 year old to a thrift store frequently! Or a glutton for punishment.

I gagged thinking about the smell test.

We got a nice quality hand me down couch AND chairs yesterday. I didn't look at it first. I should have. I tried to think "What would Rachel do?" to see if they were fixable... not happening.

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

LOL ... I love the last commenters mantra- "What would Rachel do?" ... I'm feeling an HGTV series comin' on. Thrift store finds and the inevitable smell test- oh, what would Rachel do?

Cute pillows!!! And, gosh, really cheaper that buying all the polyfil crud to stuff your own!

Rebecca said...

When we move to Columbus, can you visit us so I can hire you as my interior designer?

Oh and I would LOVE to see you sometime in 2009. :)

bauer zoo said...

why do you have to hate on my pillows?

bauer zoo said...

ok, i guess i have no taste because while they aren't really my pillows...i didn't think they were ugly.

but i did like what you did to them.

Anonymous said...

I just got caught up on your posts and you constantly amaze me with your projects....I want to be #2 in line to hire you as a decorator :0)

Julie Z.

Emily said...

Love 'em! I hope to meet you one day... your gonna be so famous!

P.S. I left you two awards!

Baby Kry said...

The smell test is too funny! I'd probably puke if they failed the smell test!

How do you schedule an entry?

Elizabeth said...

i just love how bold youa re with your fabric choices. i sit forever at joanns or hobby lobby and can never decide b/c i'm afraid of either going bold or how it will all look together...what's your secret?

The Fortenberrys said...


You are still amazing me with all this creativity. How awesome! I wish while you were in SA we could have made some cool things.

Anonymous said...

love, love, love, love, love,
the paisley print pillow!

My, but your good!

Alyssa's aunt helen

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you are too talented. I'm in awe..

Jessica P. said...

I think those pillows originated at a Bed Bath and Beyond (or a Linens N Things) No Joke. It went with a bedding and bath line from Wamsutta called Serendipity. That's sad I remember that from forever ago, But I remember because it actually sold pretty well. LOL