March 27, 2009


If you know me, you know I plan to homeschool Lorelai and any subsequent children we have (Lord willing). I have many e-friends who homeschool. I know quite a few people who were or are homeschooled now. They each have mixed feelings about their experiences.

I'm usually pretty reluctant to share our interest in homeschooling, because we get a myriad of responses. It's kind of like telling someone we're going through fertility treatments. It's not always welcomed with open arms. Unlike fertility treatments, I don't really have a good thirty-second answer for someone when they ask "why on earth would you want to homeschool!?" I've reverted to the answer "why not!?"

Bridget, at Don't Blink
, is a beautiful homeschooling mommy of five wonderful children. To be honest with you, there are times I go through and look at her pictures first, to see how badly I'm going to beat myself up for being a frump compared to her. Then, I get sucked in to the wonderful stories she tells about her children, her family, homeschooling and life in general.

Today was no different. When I saw there were no pictures, I realized I might be able to get through the post with no self-punishment. She discussed the topic that's on my mind seven days a week. She talks about the answers to the questions that people are already asking me. I can imagine how much more often she gets them. Especially when she shows up at the science museum with her five children during typical school hours.

Why do you homeschool? Check out her answer. I couldn't have said it any better.

Now, any thoughts?

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Rebecca said...

Wow, she is very eloquent and I really enjoyed reading her answer on homeschooling. I applaud you for planning on homeschooling yourself, seriously, what a great education Lorlelai will get from you.
You may be surprised to hear that I am not planning on homeschooling . I am still praying about it, but honestly I don't feel God is calling me down that path. I would prefer to enroll him in a Classical Christian School (not sure if you have heard of those, but they are around the country and have a completely different teaching style than most other schools, private or not). My mom taught at one years back and it is SUCH a great school. ANyway, I hope to find one in the area we are living when my kid (s) are school age.
My answer not to is 1) honestly I don't feel qualified enough to teach them. Yes I have a college degree blah blah but it is more that emotionally I don't think I would be the best teacher for them and 2) I am actually planning on going back to work (probably part time) when they are in full time school to help save for their college, etc. So no, I would never judge someone for homeschooling, I think it is a wonderful idea, just maybe not the one for everyone like me :)

Becs said...

If a certain type of educational design was right for every family then there wouldn't be so many. You can never know another's experience or philosophy unless you have walked in his shoes. I think what matters most is being open minded and accepting, regardless of the path you choose.

And remembering that no matter how you choose to educate your child, parents can still very well be the primary teachers, should they so choose.

I toyed back and forth with homeschooling before and after having children. With Lexie, we don't feel its the right fit, at least at first. With Laney, we shall see. We are lucky that we have a school that we have full faith in.

Anonymous said...

I homeschooled for a couple of years, it is big here in Alaksa and they actually pay for it. I think all states should do that. Good for you and good luck.

Kallie said...

Thanks for posting that link Rachel! I really loved Bridgets blog!! She was super inspiring! I think that Lorelai is blessed to have a mama like you that cares soooo much!

Shannon said...

You are already any amazing teacher to LaLa and you will not have to worry about her not being social. Levi and I have talked about it and a lot comes down to where we are in this world and what we feel God is telling us at that time. Next year we will put Hannah in our churches 3 hour 3yr old program 5 days a week. We feel it will be good for her and it will be good for me and the new baby as well. We are blessed to have a wonderful church that can help us to help hannah learn about God and be around other little ones for a couple of hours a day. As you know we don't have the best options where we are living to get out and to a whole lot and people move every 6 months so its hard to keep friends. you know what I mean. Love you lots and keep up the great work.

Lucky Irish Gal said...

This is getting weird. First we have daughters with the same name and now we both plan to home school? Seriously are you my long lost sister or something?

People always look at you like you are deranged when you mention a desire to home school. I love how they assume that I am making my husband go along with it. When I am asked the question "But how will they learn to socialize with other children?" my response is always, "You mean I am supposed to let them out of the basement?"

But seriously they have church, sports, music, play dates, etc.
Kids do not wait to have friends until they are school age. My kids already have friends and are learning to socialize. So what a re these other parents doing to their kids that they do not know it until kindergarten?

That was a ramble...

Bridget said...

thank you, but please you a fump compared to me...I don't think so!

joey said...

Good for you! I admire anyone who can do that! Me??? NOT smart enough! ha. Seriously... I want my kid to learn something - and if I teach him??? He's in trouble! ha. Kudos to you, Mommy!

The Phillips Place said...

Hmmm. See, the thing is, people try to throw homeschoolers all into one big generalized group, when the reality is that there are a gabillion (yep, that's an official hometeached word right thar) varieties. You have the ones who have been so sheltered that the real world is a culture shock, the ones who have been essentially "unschooled" and fit right into the mainstream, and everything inbetween.

I really believe homeschooling can be whatever YOU feel led to make it. It can be completely customized to fit your family, and even each individual child. Because goodness knows, no two kids are alike! To me, that is the biggest consideration to make when homeschooling, tailoring the content to each child. Some will have a want/need for more socialization, in which case co-op classes may be the way to go. Others are fine being loners and doing coursework at home, but may need a push to get out there and make friends. If anything, homeschooling provides you with the opportunity to give your child a super well-rounded education since you are with them every day, and you know them better than a teacher with 10-20 other students (at least) ever will.

That said, I'm torn on the issue, because I have seen firsthand how Mommy gets worn out being teacher (especially while Dad is deployed, etc), and is just keeping up with the bare minimums and kids are scraping by. Mom's strengths and weaknesses in academics can trickle down to the kids (don't even ask me to solve a geometry problem!).

Wow, soapbox much?? And I feel like that's barely scraping the asked :).

doctortish said...

I think this is great. You shouldn't have to justify your choices when raising children. It is just like having to explain why you are "just" a stay at home mommy. I hate that. It is the hardest job on earth and adding daily education to it will make it even harder . . . and more rewarding. Every family is different and every mommy will make the choices that are best for her babies. I respect you for choosing home schooling. It obviously isn't an easy path to take, but I am sure it will be worth it. You are awesome!

Baby Kry said...

I think it is great that you plan to homeschool. I personally, even being an elementary school teacher don't feel I am right to home school. I do believe it is a personal decision, just like fertility. My feeling is you do what works for you! My sister in law home schools all 6 of her wonderful kids. She has lots of great advice and really likes their religious based curriculm called My Father's world.

She has a great blog. If you look to the left she has a homeschool tab.

If you ever want to talk with her, even in a few years let me know.

As for what to say when people question you. You tell them you are happy with your decision. Remember how many people have opinions when you are never changes.

E-mail me how infertility is going. I have been thinking of you lately....

Anonymous said...

Hi Rach,
My daughters took part in homeschooling. Great, Great thing.
(wish I had been, as a kido;
what, with all the moving around,
just know it would have benefited
me greatly !) But not a lot of
talk of it, in the 60's. :D
I liked the ABEKA, curriculum.
I call homeschooling, simply
superb !
Go head on, wid ya bad self !!!

Alyssa's aunt helen

Heidi said...

I think it's great. You will be fabulous!

Bridget said...

p.s. I use my fathers world too! love it!!!

Our Complete Family said...

I think it's great to do whatever will work best for your family, whatever the choice might be~ homeschooling, public school, private school...
It makes me sad to know that folks don't tell you good job and pat you on the back!
As Moms we all have to support each other. I support your choices hun!
Happy week ahead~ Les

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this post and also read the one you had the link to. I was so impressed with her response that I passes it along to my neighbor who home schools three of her five children (the other two are 2 and 4) and she enjoyed it as well. I am actually considering homeschooling Jonah when the time comes....especially if there aren't any good Christian schools in the area where we live. Thanks for sharing :0)

Julie Z.

Marilyn said...

I stumbled across your blog, don't know how...but thought I would comment as well on homeschooling. I have a 3 year old son and a 1 year old daughter -- it is my deepest desire to homeschool them. My son will be labeled ADHD the second he walks into a school room...he can't sit still for a second, but he is as smart as a whip! And so, I want to encourage that love of learning as long as possible. I also feel that we place WAY TOO MUCH PRESSURE on kids to learn at an early age...we're robbing them of childhood. And so, it will be at least another year, most likely two or three until we start formal schooling. For now, he learns from books, talking, crafts, Curious George (yes...that monkey taught my kid the importance of composting!!!), Sunday School and just playing. God bless as you pursue teaching your precious one at home...we hope that you're blessed with more.