March 7, 2009

Update from North Carolina

For those of you who don't know, I've been in North Carolina for a week. Thus, the absence on the blog. They do have internet here, I just haven't had the opportunity to blog.

I have the pleasure of living close enough to some of the best friends I've met since being married to the military. My friend, Shannon, just moved to North Carolina and needed to have someone on-call during her last week of pregnancy in case she had the baby. She has a two-year-old who needed care while she was in the hospital. Up until this morning, we were still waiting.

This update is more for those of you who read my blog and know Shannon. She called me at 5am and told me it was time. It took me 21 minutes to get my stuff (which was already in a bag), out the door and to her house. That poor girl, it was probably the longest 21 minutes of her life. When I got to her house, she told me that her water had broken. She mumbled a few instructions, but I don't know what she said, her breathing was very labored.

get it?

So, I'm totally stealing her computer right now to update. And when I did open the computer, the screen she had up was a contraction counter, where you press the space bar every time you're having a contraction and it times them for you. The poor thing was having contractions steadily, two minutes apart, from the time she called me. yikes!

By 7am, she was 9.5 dilated and was getting her epidural. That sounded really familiar to me. That's about when I got my epidural. That didn't work. It took everything in me not to scream "DON'T DO IT!!!" But, I'm praying that her epidural works and she has that baby relatively pain free!!

While I'm in town, I've gotten to see my BFF, Kelly. Lorelai and Kelly's daughter, Peyton, have been having a blast together this week. Today I get to see a number of friends I haven't seen in a year, some two years. I'm uber excited!

I'm anxious to meet Shannon's baby (nobody knows the sex yet) before I leave tomorrow afternoon!!

I'll be back to my regular blogging schedule on Monday. I know, my regular blogging schedule has been poor at best, but I've just been setting you up to have no expectations so when I do get my mojo back, you'll be impressed.

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Becs said...

i dont know her but i too hope her epi worked bc mine didnt with laney... if not i hope its superquick like i was :)

Our Complete Family said...

Oh poor thing. I hope her Epi worked for her! Mine did not with Caroline. Not fun b/c had to redo and have an emergency Csection. Praying hers is easy and breasy!
So nice of you to go help her out and that the kiddos had a fun playweek~ double bonus!
'See' you on Monday hun! Hugs, Les

Tracye said...

You're so funny!

I hope hers works, too. Mine didn't with Christian, but it did with Cullen. What a difference! Of course, with Christian I was in labor in the hospital for 13 hours. With Cullen, I went in to be induced, only to find out I was already dialted to four! I got the epidural and had him an hour later. So I guess it didn't have time to wear off.

Rebecca said...

I am sure by now she is one happy momma holding her new baby! I am also SUPER excited that Christian and I get to see you and Lala tonight, YIPPEE! It is too bad we didn't get around to getting together sooner, but that's the way with little ones, naps, weather etc.

See you in a few hours..

j.d. said...

Miss ya babe...can't wait to see you tomorrow

Erin Mitchler said...

Rachel--You are such a GOOD friend! I feel lucky to have crossed paths with you! Love ya girl.

Rach@In His Hands said...

Praying that Shannon and her new little one are happy and healthy!

Good to hear from you, Rach!

Brenda said...

Twenty one minutes with contractions every 2 minutes???

Tell me you weren't putting on makeup! :)

The big sis is so cute holding her. She has no idea what just happened to her life.:)