August 11, 2009

Tip Toe

So, you didn't think I'd just dive right back into blogging and go every day again did you? Good.

I'm going to tip toe until I get comfortable again, then I'll pick it up.

We cannot thank y'all enough for all of the wonderful comments and emails you have sent regarding the pregnancy. It means the WORLD to us that we have so many people praying for the health of our baby!! I'm trying to get back to each of your comments, but please forgive me if it's not exactly in a timely manner.

I have a two-page list of things to talk about, and I'm sitting here staring at it, wondering where to start.

I have a list for Lorelai, JD and for me. And, I kid you not, my list reads "Super Target opened."


That's all.

Aside from the recent discovery of le bebe, that's all I had. Sad, I know.

That's why I've decided to go with a video of Lorelai for today. We have been working with Lorelai on learning our names. (Shannon, y'all were doing it, so we decided to cheat). Anyway, she likes to talk about it and ask about it. A lot. She always has a coy look on her face and squeals "what's YOUR name?" And not only to JD and me. To everyone in the grocery store, gas station, library, you name it.

Today, we were at the commissary and she kept pointing at people saying "what's YOUR name?" And when they, not surprisingly, wouldn't answer her, she'd ask again louder. Then there's that uncomfortable silence. She busts out with "mommy, he won't talk to peoples, will he?"

I can't help but laugh. And then casually stroll into the next aisle to see how many people will be accosted by this lovingly curious two-year-old now!

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Uma and Wil said...

I watched the video and saw the Big Sister one, too. She totally cracked me up with "he wake mommy up."

Katie said...

so cute... i miss that adorable laugh! way to go with another blog! and super target is such a good list!

Jenny said...

She has gotten sooo big!!! What a doll she is. We are so happy for your family!!!! LALA is going to be such a great big sissy!!!

Lori said...

I love how she says Lorelei. So cute!

the fortenberrys said...

How adorable! She's gotten so big, Rachel. And what a out JD. I so wish we were closer. :)

Heidi said...

I can't watch this video bc my laptop at home is crummy. So, I have to wait to watch it at work tomorrow.

And I wanted to tell you that I'm glad you're back. I missed you! :>)

becs said...

i dont know- laughter!

Becs said...

Did I hear that big sister video right? On what Daddy did... after the waked Mommy up comment.
Is the baby not in your uterus? We have to let Lorelai hang out with Lexie she can tell her all about uteruses (uteri) and amniotic sacs- "They are NOT water balloons!"

Kallie said...

TOO cute! Man...she's getting so big!

My favorite was how she says her name...with a cute little 2 year old accent!

KDoug said...

So precious - hurry up and get down here!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! So many people were asking Addyson her name followed by how old are you?? That now she asks everyone their name followed by, how old are you?? I don't know how to make her stop! And most of the time it's older ladies who are very nice about it and whisper their age to her. Last time she did it to the cashier in the gas station and she thought it was so funny we left with free coloring books, lol..
Amy & Addyson

BreAnna Fowler said...

I fear you may regret teaching her to say that Daddy knocked Mommy up! I have a friend who taught her son the word penis around age 2 and he would run through the grocery singing, "I have a penis, I have a penis." Cute? Yes. Funny? Yes. Embarrassing? Um, yeah.

BreAnna Fowler said...

I forgot to finish! Either way, the news ROCKS!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh, Micayla always says hello to everyone she sees, ESPECIALLY at the commissary. And she gets very upset when they don't respond. :)

Mari and the girls said...

Want to take this to the next level? Try teaching her her phone number. I have Caroline not only asking people's name, but their phone numbers too! Definitely get some weird looks! But hey, maybe she'll want to call the post office guy someday just to check in....

Anonymous said...

I love it! Daddy knocked Mommy up!!

Very funny.

Love you and miss you guy much.

Chris & Marissa

Hunter and Nancy said...

Hi, Rachel,
I am Rebecca's mom. You asked about the hospital gown I made for Rebecca. I used the free pattern on the following website:
I would suggest lengthening it. Next time I will also be sure and sew on the velcrow squares on the shoulders instead of just ironing them on. I sewed a rounder neck, also.
For the shopping cart cover I used a butterick pattern at the store. For my next one I am going to try one of the newer patterns I have seen at JoAnns.
Have fun sewing.

Jessica (Soon-to-Be) Vences aka P. said...

Omgosh! She is so adorable. All of those videos are awesome! I can't believe how much she is talking now. I hope are travel schedules cross soon. When do you go to St. Louis next?