September 3, 2009

Quick Update

Last week we went to Fayetteville to meet Bristol for the first time. We had a great time. Although, Peyton and Lorelai were at each others throats for 90% of the trip. Mainly because my kid is a bully.

Tomorrow, I'm going camping. For four days. Seriously? Someone help me. I'm not really bright to accept this challenge.

I have to pee three times during the night. That means I have to get up, get out of the tent (zipper and all), hope I don't trip, and walk in complete darkness (I may or may not have a head lamp - don't judge) to the bathroom, then back. Three times. Every night. I hate camping. Why am I going again?

Oh yeah, and I have a two year old. Who hates bugs.

This should be fun. At least we'll have good company.

I'll report when we return. IF we return.

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Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

One word... CAMPER!!! It has a potty inside. The bugs stay out side (mostly) and if it rains your trip is not completly ruined. I tent Camped with a 1 1/2 year old once. We went home 24 hours early in a 48 hour trip. I hope you have better luck! Can't wait to hear your return report!

mdx3mom said...

Oh I hope you have a good time, I love love love camping.

Camper does sound like a good idea in your situation though.

Becs said...

Have fun with that!

Huse Yo Mama said...

Okay, y'all aren't making me anymore excited for this.

It's too late to get a camper. And don't you know that I TOTALLY looked on Craigslist and there is someone renting theirs for $75/day. I may or may not just set up a bed in the mini-van and sleep there.

I'm SO not excited.

Kallie said...

It will be fun! I have faith in you...but I can relate to the getting up to pee! And, headlamps are way cool...and a must!

A couple of tips: One of those pop up sun shade thingies from Walmart is a lifesaver. We put it over our picnic table. Good things since it seems to rain EVERY time I go camping now ;)

Make sure you camp at a campground with flushable toilets (if you can help it). I don't know about you but being prego means that my smeller is on overdrive...and pit toilets smell like...yea, it's difficult to go to the bathroom and throw up from the smells at the same time :)

BUT...I have faith in you! Have fun!! And take lots of pictures (at least the first day when you all look great still!)

Love you!

Tracye said...

I LOATHE camping. At least you're not in Texas anymore. That's something, right?

I am known as having a peanut bladder, and pregnancy is AWFUL for people like me. I do believe I'd take a potty chair! ;)

Actually, I do believe I'd be staying home!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Hey - camping can be super fun!! :)I have gone several times this year - and I am pregnant. We did buy a "porta-potty" for our pop out camper and it was a life saver, bladder saver - whatev. I put it to very good use.

One of the times we went camping though we were really close to the nice flushable toilets and shower house - that was awesome.

It's going to be great! Take lots of pictures (not of you going potty - that's not what I meant) and have lots of fun!! :)

Nine weeks already!!! Yay!

We are exactly 23 weeks apart in our pregnancies. :)

Rebecca said...

I am with Kallie. I love camping and her tips are very good! We tent camped with Christian when he was just one (for two nights) and it was super fun. It is better this time of the year when it isn't so blistering hot at night. I am sure Lala is going to LOVE camping, most kids do and that will make it all worth it. I am with Kallie though - flushable toilets make for a much nicer camping experience.
ACtually we are going this weekend too but since we have the 2 year AND 2 month old and only a one room tent, we are only attempting one night this time around. You are bold, four nights and you don't even really like camping. Good luck and I bet you will have a blast.

BreAnna Fowler said...

I feel your pain. Camping = Holiday Inn. Saying a prayer for you! Miss you on here. I laugh so much when you post!

The Phillips Place said...

I'm thinking you should just take along that portable tripod potty we gave you for Lorelai and put it to use!!! Hey, you can put big-girl sized bags in that thing! :)

Anonymous said...

So, how was it? Got JD's post that you all were back and you survived.


Tim and Stef McKean said...

I'm voting NO on camping. I'm with ya--I always have to wake up to pee,--and it's no picnic trying to find the dang thing in the middle of the night.... I have the same feeling about camping out for the Rose Parade...ugg.

Lori said...

Love camping but cannot say I have done it pregnant and with a toddler no less :-)

How was it?

Anonymous said...

I hated camping too, that is until our friends dragged us along one weekend in their camper... we bought our camper 3 weeks later - it's the only way to go!!


Great-Granny Grandma said...

So why are you going? (LOL)
Can't wait to read how it all turned out. Hope it's more fun then you're anticipating.

I've never ben camping myself, so I can't really comment on the experience, but the bugs would drive me crazy. Of that I'm sure.