December 5, 2009

Busy Busy Bees

For the last three years, December has been a busy month for us. I know it's typically busy anyway, but for us we've also moved each time. This year is no different.

JD took his last test on Friday and aced it, so he's unofficially done with P.A. School. YAY! He's so excited. I'll give it to him - so far he hasn't gotten senioritis!! He's got a few weeks of electives to finish, then graduation, the PANCE review (like the "bar exam" for PAs) and he'll be what my friend Joey calls a "hot doc." :-) I'm so proud of him!

Next on our agenda is our big move. Well, it's not exactly a big move, so much as important for us! When we moved to North Carolina six years ago, we fell in love with a house, worked hard to make it "ours" and then sadly had to leave it. We decided it was best to rent it out because we hoped we would eventually be back.

Our first few renters were sketchy, to say the least. Then, about a year-and-a-half ago, we scored the best renters EVER! They've taken excellent care of the house and have been super accomodating when I've popped into town wanting to scope out the place to make sure it was still in one piece.

That's not even what makes them the best. A few weeks ago, we found out we were going to be stationed back in North Carolina. Not only are we excited because our best friends live there. We were excited about the possibility to be back in our house, until we realized that our tenants' lease wasn't up until March 31st . Not a big deal, if I wasn't due on April 9th. I was not liking the idea of yet another move while I was possibly in labor.

We took a shot in the dark and asked the tenants if they would consider moving out sooner than March 31st. We knew they loved the house as well, and there was a possibility they'd want to stay for another two years. After a couple emails back and forth, we got a huge surprise. Not only were they willing to help us out, they had found another house to move into and asked if moving mid-December would be too soon.

We cannot tell you how blessed we feel!! We have been smiling since we got that email. It's working out perfectly because the owner of the house we're renting now found a tenant scheduled to move in one day after we move out. It's working out well for everyone! What a relief!

We can't wait to get back to all of our friends back "home." We have loved living in different states, but I'm so over the moving! We'll hopefully be here for three years or more.

Here is our house. Some might not think it's grand or beautiful, but we love it. We put a lot of work into it, did a huge renovation (complete with taking down walls), and started our married life and family in this house. Lorelai spent the first six months of her life here too. It's our dream house for this stage in our lives. There is plenty of room for baby #2.... and I'm not gonna lie, JD is pretty stoked about the grand re-opening of JD's Pourhouse. Yep, our reno included a pub, complete with an in-the-wall tap. And it doesn't even look like a frat house!

This is our back yard. Our yard here in VA is fantastic, but this one in NC is 1/2 an acre and to us feels like a park!
I have so many plans for the house when we get back and everything needs to be done fairly quickly as I'd like to be done with most of it before the baby comes. Therefore, that should give me enough for more blog postings, right? Quit rolling your eyes. I'm serious.

I'll close with some pictures of three of the most important people in my life.
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Mrs. Fabulous said...

Rachel, what a blessing to be able to move back into your house early! And OMG, what a gorgeous home! I'd love to see pics inside.

...and I must say, you've got a mini-Rachel going on! I can't believe how much Lorelai looks like you!

AliciaDawn said...

Good things happen to good people, LOL. Love you guys!

Joanne and Deric said...

Stunning, Stunning, Stunning! How wonderful! I can hear in your tone how happy this makes you. What more could you ask for than all you asked for.

Baby Kry said...

That is just wonderful news! We are so excited for you guys. Hopefully we'll move back some day too!!

Anonymous said...



Joey Fortman said...

Yeah!! I love it! And HOPEFULLY we can get to visit you there! It looks gorgeous! I can NOT believe we never got to see u in VA... that was so bad on our behalf. =(

PLEASE startposting more!!! =) You were the one who inspired me to blog! =)

BreAnna Fowler said...

Congrats! So many great things happening at once for ya'll! Couldn't be happening to a sweeter family. ;0)

karly said...

This entire post made me smile!! :) LOVE your house, love the pictures of your most important people... especially the last one! *Hi, Baby!* :)

Rejoicing in your blessings with you, friend!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet blog and it's it wonderful how it all worked out!!!!

Tara said...

So happy for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to JD!! He has worked hard and he will make a great PA!! I would like to request him as our PCM if and when we end up back at Bragg! :)


Julie Z. said...

SO HAPPY that you're so happy!!! Great photos as usual and a HUGE congrats to JD on the awesome accomplishment.

Shannon said...

Oh little baby Huse! So sweet, made me tear up a bit! Looks like a girl to me!

Cate O'Malley said...

I completely know that feeling. When we moved in August, we actually moved back to our old house through an unexpected twist of events. As soon as I walked through the doors, it felt like home again.