April 19, 2010

The birth story....

At 2:30, I woke up with a painful contraction. I had been having contractions for weeks, but this one seemed different. I still didn't trust my intuition (mistake) and decided to wait until I had five of those painful contractions. It took a while. I have a weird high pain tolerance. I woke JD up, just in case, but told him that if we went in, we'd probably get sent home.

At about 3, I called Kelly (the official leg-holder) and told her my status, but also told her that I thought I was going to be sent home. She went back to sleep.

My contractions were five minutes apart, but I still hadn't experienced five painful ones. UNTIL.....about 3:30, contractions went from five minutes apart to .... no minutes apart. They were back to back and the pain was starting to increase.

I called Kelly back and she could tell by my voice that this was "it." She hopped into gear.

4:00am, we FINALLY made it into the car (I hadn't finished packing the hospital bag, I'm such a slacker). I suggested to JD that we call a police escort. I'm not sure he knew how serious I was.

We arrived at the hospital at about 4:20 (I definitely wasn't looking at a clock at this point). I was already feeling the urge to push....but kept my legs crossed, just in case. As if that would have really helped.

We pulled up to the ER door and I got out. That's when my water broke. The poor security guard coming off duty got the pleasure of rounding up a wheelchair to shove me in. I wanted to walk. I was SURE that the moment I sat down, we'd be having a baby. I wasn't exactly wrong. I sat in the chair and the poor man RAN me through the hospital as quickly as he could. I was telling him I needed to push. He gave me the stank eye (I'm guessing) as he begged me not to push. In the elevator, even against his wishes, I began to push. I mean really...ladies...those of you who have had a baby...when it's time to push, you can't just STOP...am I right?

As we ran into Labor and Delivery, I heard all the nurses scrambling as one proclaimed "we have a drive by!!!"

They rushed me into an open room as the nurses, anesthesiologist (who was laughing at me, by the way), and midwives set everything up for the delivery of Baby to Mother X. Security guard quickly disappeared. The poor guy wanted NOTHING to do with what was about to happen.

4:28(ish) the staff is ripping my clothes off, trying to get me in a gown, asking me my name and telling me to calm down. In between contractions, I was asking for drugs....which is why the anesthesiologist was giggling.

It was then that I realized JD wasn't in the room. Nor was Kelly . I was about to deliver this baby alone. I was 10cm and +2 station. If I hadn't already accepted it, it was then that I realized it was truly "go time." So much for being sent home.

Push one. Ring of Fire. But, not too bad...I can handle this.

Push two...JD "Kramered" into the room, trying to take pictures and see what he could do to help. I'm not sure he knew he was about to meet his second baby.

Push three...a little bit more pain... and "IT'S A BOY!"

Yep, the moment we were all waiting for.......and the nurse who wasn't supposed to open her mouth....got it wrong!

The midwife quickly corrected her and she exited stage left! Nothing else about this birth experience went as "planned," so why would that moment!?

So, no drugs, and three official pushes and our angel had arrived.

Kelly made it about the time Emerson was being weighed. She kept saying "if I hadn't taken that freakin' shower, I would have been here in time." Apparently, she was looking for our swagger van on the side of the road on the way in.

Emerson came into the world pretty silent, but alert. Her eyes were open when they gave her to me. I held her and was afraid because she wasn't crying. But that was just her way of showing me what type of newborn she was going to be. She has been amazing. In another post, I'll have to compare this experience (postpartum) compared to my experience with Lorelai. It's unreal how different they are!

It's amazing how blessed we feel. We tried so long to get pregnant with our girls and then they arrive and it's like life never existed without them. I'm just beyond thrilled at our life!!

I really wanted this post to be funnier...more entertaining...as we really felt the delivery was. But, I'm afraid I have fallen short.

There's something about having this baby in my arms and a three-year-old running around that makes the blog even less important than it was before! What is happening with me!? Are my priorities REALLY starting to fall in line!?

All is well here in the Huse household. Hopefully I'll upload the video soon of Lorelai and Emerson meeting for the first time. It was priceless!

I'll tell you what, though....I'm about done with Lorelai asking when the next baby in my belly is coming out. Yeah, yeah, yeah....I look like I still have yet to deliver my child. I lost ALL my baby weight from this pregnancy. Now to lose the weight from when I was pregnant with Lorelai. I'm a little behind that power curve.

Big Sister got all dressed up for her "surprise."
She didn't know that I had Emerson.
Grandpa told her that I was at the hospital with a surprise for her.

Just a side note here....for those of you who don't believe me.
Same dress. Two Easters ago.
She really HAS been the same size (4T) since she was 10 months old!!!

She looked her up and down several times.
Then asked what her surprise was. :-D

This big sister gig is exhausting!

My loves

The shirts we didn't have time to bust out....

At least the Easter Bunny didn't forget to visit...with baskets for both girls.

We're still not sure if the egg hunt was for the girls or the boys.
Rob is one COMPETITIVE egg hunter!!! :-D

The girls enjoying their loot.

Loving on her baby, Emerson.


stacia mikele said...

Just an amazing story... I can't believe how alert Emerson already seems, even in her birth photos! All I can say is.. I hope I find out when I become preggers, that I too have a high pain tolerance (that was of course unknown til that point) and I all I need is 3 pushes. Congrats!!

karly said...

What ARE you talking about? This was hilarious! I am so excited to read about your wonderful birth story, and I am SO very glad for you that you are doing so well postpartum!!

Lol! How funny you were called a drive by! :)

And, how funny that the anesthesiologist was giggling (although, maybe not at the moment!) :)

And, you are exactly right. When it's time to push, it's TIME to push. I love how JD "kramered" into the room. That was funny!

See, this was a very entertaining post. And this comment is entirely too long. :)

Uma and Wil said...

Man, between you and Mari, you have me sufficiently scared of every contraction I'm going to have with #2. Great story, great pictures!

Gabe, Mari & girls said...

I LOVE IT! Hahahaha, and you can't say I didn't warn you!

I'm seriously scared about #3. I'm going to camp in the Womack parking lot.

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Awesome! :) Congratulations! Seriously - I thought this was all hilarious! :)
You are one blessed lady!!

Rebecca said...

Way to go ROCKSTAR -- a quick natural birth. I am glad to hear you have a high pain tolerance, I thought it was excruciating if I am being honest. :) By the way that was very entertaining to read!
I know what you mean, you can't just NOT push. Those pictures are precious. Enjoy your family time!

~Sara~ said...

Sounds vaguely familiar. :) My deliveries were crazy fast too. Anthony was panic fast... Nathan was my first time with drugs, so easy peezy. Joel, took longer, because I finally listened and drove to the hospital at the first sign of labor, but I had to wait with my legs crossed while my doctor showered and returned to the hospital after a short nap she begged me to allow her. :) I had an epidural so wasn't feeling any pain, but somehow knew that any strong laugh or a sneeze and I was gonna have a baby without the doctor on board. I'm thrilled to hear you had a easy delivery (though choatic and frenzied) at least it wasn't scary dangerous for either of you. Now you have two beautiful daughters! What a charming little family you have. ;) Love you all and miss you loads.

Tara said...

I was laughing! Thanks for sharing!

Tim and Stef McKean said...

TWO blessings! Amazing! Enjoy your bigger family! I am so happy for you!! :)

Lori said...

Is it bad that I am jealous of the pain you went through for natural childbirth???? Seriously...send some of your karma this way, would'ya?

Great story...one that Emerson will truly appreciate when she grows up and has babies. And thanks for the laughs, picturing JD as Kramer. :)

BreAnna Fowler said...

My mom warned me that the third one just fell out, so if you do this again look out!!!

My anesthesiologist was the one who "kramered" in the room when I had Danielle and he promptly "kramered" back out when he saw that I had just delivered sans medicine.

The ring of fire comment, good call!

Great job, awesome pics, incredible family!

Congrats to you all. Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

doctortish said...

You are super mama! You have two gorgeous girls. I am impressed by your lack of drugs during the delivery. I guess you didn't have much of a choice in the matter. That poor security guard has dreaded that day his entire hospital security guard career. Too funny.

AliciaDawn said...

Great birth story Rachel, thanks for sharing it with us. I can't wait to hold her!

stacia mikele said...

Not trying yet, the plan is the end of 2010... beginning of 2011. We'll see how that goes. I'm terrified of both labor and my children becoming teenagers, but I'm trying to not let that sway me from the plan. :)

Yes, please email/blog me other good sewing people. The Amy Butler pattern I used, I actually bought online for several $'s less than I saw in my local store, but yes still pricey. I've found a few others online, but I haven't bought from anyone else. I am actually making a few other things, just behind on posting.
Glad to be in touch!

Chris said...

Did they save their shirts from Lorelai's birth or did you just repost the pics?

Love ya!

Joey Fortman said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?!?! You lucky thing. Mine was 24 hrs of pure hell. lol
Yeah!! I'm soo happy for you! Can't wait to meet her in July! =)