May 3, 2010

One Month

Emerson's one month checkup produced great results.

WEIGHT: Up an ounce a day, YAY!! 7lbs 15oz - 25% (this is crazy to us. Lorelai was never 25% on anything!)

LENGTH: Up 3/4" to 21 1/2" - 75%

HEAD: 50%

FEET: Off. The. Charts.

No, seriously...check out those kicks....

She looks SO much cuter in person to me!!!! JD, Lorelai and I are completely in love with this little monkey!!

Too bad the blog is totally playing 2nd fiddle right now.

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doctortish said...


Emerson is beautiful. Look at those long, skinny legs. I love the dress. I bet she gets so much attention. Keep these posts coming.

The Phillips Place said...

Adorable! She looks so tiny! Hooray for the weight gain-- that is awesome!

Rebecca said...

She is so cute and alert. Thanks for the update and I am glad she is gaining weight. You are doing a wonderful job, mommy!

Kallie said...

How cute!!!I love her long skinny legs! And those feet are awesome! :)
Thanks for posting pics! Way to go mommy!

AliciaDawn said...

She wants me so bad!!!! Tell her to chill out, I will be there in 1 week!

Katie said...

yay for pictures and updates! adorable! miss you guys and can't wait to meet her in person! much love

karly said...

Hey! We have that outfit!! Just bigger!

And seriously, those feet? She got those from JD, huh?

She's precious, Rachel!:)

stacia mikele said...

Her long feet remind me of the post you did a long time ago of Lorelai by the doorknob. You then compared the pic to your friend's kid who was like 5 and they stood the same height. Now, you just need to match little Emerson's feet with another baby her age. She is too cute!

Cynnamama's Cafe said...

How cute!!!Look at those long skinny legs, is she going to be a ballet?! :)
Thanks for posting pics!
How are YOU doing, mommy?!

Keppel said...

She looks so skinny compared to what I remember about Lorelai. Marissa asked today when we could come and visit. Guess we need to plan a road trip sometime over the summer.

Love ya!