June 21, 2010

How It's Going...

I wrote this email to a few friends and figured since I haven't blogged in a while, I'd put this out there...

Tonight, Lorelai is getting ready to take a shower so she strips down to her bare butt while I'm putting Emerson to bed. She is in the room with me most of the time, and probably out of my sight for like 5-8 minutes.

I put Emerson down.

I go get Lorelai, she's playing quietly in her bedroom.

Give Lorelai a shower. Get her dressed.

Go to her bedroom to put her down and it smells like urine. I ask her what it is, she claims to have no idea. I pull back her blanket on her bed and see a wet spot on her sheet. I lean in and see that it's clearly pee. I ask her why she didn't tell me she wet her bed this morning, and she says " I don't know."

So as I pull back her million dollar Pottery Barn quilt, I realize it's SOAKING wet.

Me: "Lorelai, why is your bed all wet?"
Lorelai: "Because I pee pee'd on it, Mom" (all matter-of-factly)
Me: "Why did you pee on your bed?"
Lorelai: "Because I didn't want the pee pee to get on the floor!" (like DUH Mommy!)
Me: "Did it ever occur to you to go pee pee in the potty?"
Lorelai: "Nope. I already pee pee'd on the bed, there wasn't any more."

So clearly we're making GREAT strides towards getting her potty trained.

Shoot. Me. Now.

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the fortenberrys said...

Let's see...yesterday Kinsey peed on her bloomers under her dress as we are walking out of the door for church LATE. Then we are in the bathroom stall after church and as I'm pulling down her pants, she makes a huge puddle on the floor. I'm holding Avery. This is so much fun! I hope you have a better potty training day!!!

Baby Kry said...

I know I am laughing at your expense, but seriously that girl cracks me up! She will come around. I promise she will be potty trained by kinder!
Love you guys!
PS. don't read my blog I do this week (it is about potty training)

Kristen said...

Wow, I'm looking forward to these days!! :) At least you're able to laugh about it a little now. Very funny story!!

Shauna said...

Hey girl!!! I havent been by in a while...hope you are doing well!!!

I feel you pain on the potty issues...Macy is potty-trained but will still have accidents at night - I havent bought good bedding in years because of it!

Chris said...

Hang in there! Do they still make the plastic pants that go over the underwear? That may help. I am only assuming you are using underwear and not pull-ups.