October 18, 2010

...is frustrated.

Oh wait, this isn't my Facebook status, I can type more than that.

I want to blog. Really, I do. But there is SO much to be caught up on, because it's been THREE months since I blogged last.

I made a video. Then I made it again. And again....and again until the 8th time, I just said "who cares, this is the video, I don't care if I look dumb or repeat myself." It was fifteen minutes long. Yowsers. I uploaded it anyway, because I didn't care if nobody watched it. At least I blogged.

It looks like a bad Japanese movie. My voice catches up nearly 15 seconds after my mouth moves. It's awful. So I guess I need to just type it all out. Or try the video again, NOT with my webcam, but with my Flip.

I'll decide...then get back with you.

Random recent photos:

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The Phillips Place said...

Yeah. I've given up on catching up. When did I used to have time for this blogging anyhow????

Seasons of life. It's all in the seasons I tell ya!

And your babies-- precious! That is worth no blogging!

Not to mention the house-- beautiful! Can't wait to see "all done" :) I know you probably can't either!

BreAnna Fowler said...

Who are we kidding, we are all in it for the pics anyway, right? :)

Thanks for the update. We miss you!

Childress Family said...

Sweet girls! Wow! Look at that house! Faaancy!

Lori said...

Great pic's :-D Kids are still as adorable as ever!!