April 5, 2012

Welcome to Germany, circa 1930.

At least that is what it feels like.  We arrived in Germany on Sunday and we don’t have phones, internet, television, a microwave, dishwasher OR a garbage disposal.  (GASP!) But seriously – think about how often you use each one of those!  It’s a bit weird, no?  

We don’t speak German, so I feel like I have no connection with the outside world.  JD took the car to work today and we won’t hear from him until he gets off work tonight.  I say “JD took the car” like that even matters.  It’s a stick-shift.  How on EARTH did I forget to learn how to drive a manual transmission before we got here!?  

Lest you take this all as complaining – I’m just expressing how it feels to have gone back in time and I’m a tad LOT uncomfortable with being so unplugged! 

I wrote all that this morning and JD surprised us by coming home for lunch.  We then stopped at the library and I got my fix, albeit a very tiny one.  I jumped online and got to update a FB status and check our bank account.  That’s about it.  

Like I told JD, the Lord created me to be plugged in.  He made no mistake in having me born in 1978, so I could be plugged in today.  He knows the desires of my heart.  The Bible tells me that.  I say that in jest, but I get all loopy when I’m at home with the kids for more than 24 hours unplugged.  Seriously, though….being unplugged on a lounge chair by the ocean is much easier for me than being in a foreign country with two daughters constantly squealing “wee wee weeeeee” (stupid commercial). 


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