October 14, 2005

Old School Photos

I just realized that I don't have any of my favorite pictures on my blog.

Here is one from last year....JD and I look like we're possibly reading the Bible together...??? I mean, we're deep in thought ... whatever it is, must be really important.

NOPE - we're searching through the menu at some restaurant in Raleigh after a hockey game. Yes, it's that important.

This is one of my favorites of JD and the girls. This one is from Christmas last year . . . look at all those HAMS!!!

Here is a picture of Layla about three weeks after we saved her life! She looks so exhausted. When we got her, she was emaciated, probably beaten and really shy. She is very well-fed now, only gets beat on occasion (PETA would love that) and is totally not afraid to say hi to anyone!!

Here is Rusty Pants (or as Leeza, my Asian friend calls him, Lusty). He looks so royal there in the backyard. JD hated that bandana, but this is a great picture!!

This was taken about 5 minutes after we got Layla. She didn't know what on earth was happening.

Look at these beauties! B-E-A-UTIFUL!


jborg said...

oh, i just love that pic of you and JD. That cracks me up that you are looking at a menu though! I remember seeing it in your house, and wondering what important thing you two were reading!

Anonymous said...

Aren't we ALWAYS eating - you should have known that!

stormhuse said...

Hey, great pics of Layla and Rusty... can't wait to see them! Oh, and you too, gee, yeah, um, you too.