October 21, 2005

Worm's Home!!!

So, today Storm called to let us know that he was going to be in at 10:45 instead of noon....you know I was planning on sleeping until 10:30 to pick him up at noon. That didn't work. So, I got up, rallied the troops and off to the airport we went.

Leeza and I went together and were going to meet Kelly there. Kelly had to go to the office to print signs for us. (I'll make sure to take pictures of them tomorrow and put them on the blog.) He showed up a little before 10:45 and Leeza and I were there to greet him. Kelly was running a little behind and we had Storm hide in the corner. Kelly ran up the escalator, got the signs ready and stood smiling at the terminal waiting for Storm. She asks "where is he?" As we spun her around, Storm popped out from behind the wall and surprised her. She flipped out, screamed and everyone in the airport laughed. Here are a couple of pictures from today. We hung out for a little while, got Angela when she got off her plane at noon and went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch with Roger, Kelly, Rob, Larry, Lonni and Leeza. We had a great time. Poor Storm and Angela were SO tired, but they were troopers.

Storm had been in touch with Jess Finnegan lately, he was planning on surprising her and KC becuase she was due to have a baby on October 15th and he really wanted to be there. SO...we made a few phone calls and found out that they were indeed at the hospital. During these few phone calls, the people we talked to said that there were multiple babies. Storm was freaking out. Jess and KC didn't know the sex of the baby until she gave birth, so neither did any of us. We got to Womack and up to the 3rd floor....SURPRISE, we snuck in on them...and Brody, they're beautiful baby boy. We were so enthralled with KC's response that we didn't even get pictures of the baby. I got video, but no stills. So, here is a picture of KC's surprised face....Then, off to the Mash House for dinner and ... well, that's as far as we made it. We all were so tired, we left.


Yes, my hair is different ... AGAIN