November 1, 2005


Okay, so now I'm addicted to Kitsey's blog and she "tagged" everybody today. What that means is apparently, those of us who read it and feel pressured by her should share five random facts with our readers. So, maybe nobody reads my site anymore, but oh are the facts:

1) I love to watch Gilmore Girls. It's the only show I MUST TiVo when I'm not home. I have seen every episode since day one.

2) My second and third toes are longer than my first.

3) I own over 100 pairs of shoes.

4) I can't stand it when my food touches on my plate.

5) I love writing on white paper, with pencil, but only in the sunlight.

Okay, so I guess the rules are I am supposed "tag" someone else....but I'll just leave it to anyone reading...leave a comment and at least share ONE random fact about yourself.

First day of sales school is over. It's a fairly quiet class, but they're all great individuals. They are very ahead of the game today. We got to leave a little early and we all went to Mi Pueblo for a great dinner with wonderful conversation. Looking forward to tomorrow!


Jessi said...

My second toe is longer than my first, but not my third is normal, lol.

1. I'm really a big nerd! (but I suppose that kind of goes along with being a North) :)

Kitsey said...

It makes me very happy that you are addicted to my blog. It makes me feel like I'm in Mimi in New York or Stephanie Klein. In bio class in college we had to look at our toes to see if the middle ones were longer, it's genetic, as are widow's peaks. Have fun in sales school with the newbies. :)

Kathi Tugman said...

Well, my toes are normal as far as their lengths are concerned. However, I have really ugly toes. I don't care though, I still wear sandals.

100 shoes? Holy moly! Das a wot!

I also don't like my food touching. I will eat all of each food before going to another one. Like, I'll eat all my carrots before eating a green bean.

And how can you not like writing on white paper w/a pencil? The sunlight...I can go either way.
Love ya!

Melisa said...

Hey Rachel,
Thanks for the comment on my xanga, it really makes me feel great when people notice. I'm on a diet from my doctor called's like a protein shake thing. By the way you have no reason to be look great! Hopefully soon Jess and I will be able to make it back out to North was such a blast! Hope everything is going great with you!