January 15, 2006

Dream Interpretation

Anyone, anyone??? Here is my bad dream from last night....

Somehow I was in Afghanistan with JD and we were on the back of the FOB where there was a door to go out. JD just wanted to take a picture of me on the other side, so he's like, "come on, let's go."

After a lot of pushing, he finally got me out the door. There was an Afghan guard on the other side and I didn't feel like he was safe, but he assured me we were fine. We went out and to the other side and JD took a picture of me. When we were wanting to go back in, another guard appeared out of nowhere and pushed us up against a wall. He took out a knife and cut through JD's shirt from the top of his left breast pocket into his sternum and he started bleeding. I was freaking out by this point. Then he came to me and did the same thing. JD wasn't in his BDUs, so he didn't have a weapon or anything on him. Oh yeah, and by the way, the Afghan was white with blonde hair??? So, then he let us in, not before JD sprayed him in the face with honey - yes, honey.

We got back inside and the FOB was no longer the FOB, it was West Point's gymnasium back in 1998 or something. We got in there, found a seat and watched JD's college sweetheart (whose name in the dream was Jennifer - hee hee) do a baton routine...


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Brenda said...

Hee hee I just decided to wander through the archives b/c I'm that bored and lazy.

I don't know about that dream girl. Whatever you ate before sleeping that night--don't do it again!