January 23, 2006


... shopped for household stuff; mop, cleaning supplies, groceries, etc.
... played plumber and fixed the bathroom sink
... played HVAC guy and cut down and installed the new air filters
... vacuumed with my Dyson, that I still LOVE!
... vacuumed the dogs with my Dyson! ha ha and they're still shedding!
... did laundry
... started cleaning bedroom
... set aside 17 pairs of shoes and a lot of clothes for a future garage sale or trip to Goodwill....anyone wear a 9 1/2 shoe? A lot of the shoes I'm getting rid of have never been worn!
... looked unsuccessfully for a light bulb that I swear doesn't exist anymore
... talked to JD - he's doing well - ready to come home!!!
... fell asleep while typing this entry.



Jess said...

Thanks Rachel, I'm going to the doc this afternoon for the ultrasound.

Kathi Tugman said...

where are the pics of sexy chicks sweats?