February 16, 2006

Dancing with the Stars Update

Okay, so I'm watching Dancing with the Stars and I'm so torn. I totally love Jerry Rice, although he isn't the best dancer. He has such a great attitude and really has done a great job. It's hard to be a male celebrity on this show, because usually the woman is the showcase in any dance.

I love Louis and Lisa - her energy is awesome - as is her body, the BEEP. I didn't, however, understand her outfit on the last dance. Did she need the white tail in the front of her outfit? Seriously! But she'll stay for now.

It will come down between Stacey and Drew, I'm sure. I would hate to be Drew's wife sitting in the audience with a 7-month big belly, watching these hot women dance. I honestly think that Stacey will win - only because my previous comment - it's all about the woman during ballroom dancing - unless the guy is doing some kind of acrobatic move or something.

Enough about that.

Amy is STILL in the hospital. Addyson has jaundis and has to stay in ICU for now. I know that baby and mommy will be fine, but if anyone is reading, please say a little prayer for them. I'm really glad they caught it before they left the hospital and Amy is getting the chance to be there, not having to think about anything but Addy, so she can recuperate, rest and get out of there both of them healthy and kicking! Hopefully I'll get some pictures to put on this page soon. Addyson (or Booty, as Kelly and I like to call her - long story) is b-e-a-utiful!



Kathi Tugman said...

The girl doesn't always win...last season Kelly Monaco won but then in a rematch, or redance, John O'Hurley won. So, Drew might just make it! I want him to. I like Stacey but she's danced before and it's not totally fair. Lisa Rinna... what is up w/her facial expressions! Seriously!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I didn't say that the girl always wins, silly. I just said that the woman is typically showcased in the dances - not just in this competition - always. It is like being a cheerleader - not many people comment on the base, they typically comment on the fliers (is that how you spell it?) Anyway, I love Drew and HOPE that he wins, but it's just that much harder being a man on this show, I believe. But he does a REALLY good job in shuffling Cheryl around.